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Helping Angela

What a great day turned out to be. Even after torrential downpours, it turned out to be beautiful. I went to Angela Z's house at about 9:30 in the morning. I helped her put on her running boards on her VW as well as some weather stipping. Angela is so cool. I should have gone with her to dinner, but I had so much to do last night. I called a bunch of friends today. I also Talked to Ashley Williams. He was talking about a superbowl party. That could be fun. Ashley is a great friend. He is such a great guy.

Gina came over and dropped off a tape (i think it is a mix tape) She looked great. We ended up making out for 3 hours. She had to go to the movies with mike...her boyfriend. She is pretty amazing and is very sexually confident.

I went to Denny's and read for a while. It is about 2:00 am and time for me to hit the sack.

Until next time...


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