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Share the spirit...everyday, not just the holidays

So today, i woke up at 5:30 to head home from visiting my mom in LA. It was a great visit and I really enjoyed myself. I got to see my grandma from sweden and my mom and her sister and husband. We do a swedish-white elephant christmas every year and i thing it is better than the usual christmas where you spend tons of money for stuff that you may never use. Plus, you can always regift for the next year.

After waking up, i strolled quietly into my moms room and picked up my shoes and some other knick knacks i had left. I guess i wasn't quiet enough becuase poquito the chihuahua woke up and had to say goodbye. Mom woke up from a dead sleep and said "do you want me to make some coffee?" I declined and said i would get cup at starbucks on the way out. We said our goodbyes and she waived me off as i pulled away.

I got to starbucks and there was a little line. The guy behind me was anxious to get his order in. I could tell by the way he was flicking his money. He was …

Making of new friends

So today i went and worked out at 24 hour fitness this morning.  I had a stellar workout and was extremely pumped up.  My best friend Noah got me the coolest headphones ever.  They are noise reducing and they rock.  I use them all the time.  They are over the ear and have amazing sound.

When i finished up my workout, i traipsed over to the starbucks to get my favorite, black coffee for a little after workout buzz.  I also got a classic sausage sandwich whic was very good.  I sat outside and listened to the light traffic buzz by. I also saw the bee's flying through the grass and checking out the area for pollen. It was so beautiful and nice.

I looked down by my feet and saw the cutest little bird, hanging solo, like me.  What saddened me is that one of his claws had been taken by a predator.  He had a club foot.  He looked up at me with the cutest little eyes.  I couldn't help but give hime some of my sandwich.  I know, people are always saying, don't feed the birds because i…

About a year ago...

I walked away from a 5 year relationship with a great person. Are we friends Is that sad, a little bit. Were we compatible, no. We were too different beings who graced each others presence and made things better temporarily. We spent five years learning about each other, we neglected each other, we forgot to figure out what makes the other tick. Was it a negative experience, never. It was enriching and well needed in my life.

Although we are not friends anymore, I still respect her immensely, although she hates me. Does that bother me, no. Life is what it is. I choose to live in love and not in hate or fear. She is a very strong person and has a big heart. I wish her all the happiness in life. She has a smile that can warm a room full of ice cubists... She has a laugh that gets into your being and makes you laugh. She is woman and she is mighty.

In reflecting on ths experience, i found myself listening to a song by sheryl crow. Reminded me that i am human and i …

A baby and a mothers love

This blog is going to be short today.  I woke up rather early, say 5am.  I couldn't sleep.  I guess my body has had enough sleep and is fully rested.  I got out of bed and traipsed into the shower happily.  I got dressed and decided to go downstairs early

I really believe the universe tells us that there are things we need to do and we have to follow those cues.  That is the reason we seek behind everything.  It is the universe drawing us to new things and things we need to see.

I stopped at the coffee shop, Paladio, in the Bellagio and sat down after receiving my apple muffin and black coffee.  I chose a table close to the window next to a younger couple that had just had a baby.  This was no ordinary baby, but an adorable baby.  She had the cutest face ever. Big chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and the slightest trace of hair growing in.   She had the biggest smile and seemed to have a fascination with her toes.

Her mother and father were elated to have her in their lives.  In a conver…

Momentous occassions

So many of you may or may not know, I am an entrepeneur and always looking for new business ideas. I started an event planning company in San Diego last year and it has been a slow start but a good one. I have learned so much about myself over this past year. I have grown personally and professionally and learned that sometimes life can be challenging, fun, sad and sometimes not fair...

Recently, TruBlue decided to begin a concierge a few months. Recently we decided to begin a communications company for event planning companies. This week proved to be very happy and stressful as well. We made initial contact with our communications supplier and they are very excited about our new venture and after the conference call, i was so elated. One of my business associates was so persistent and wouldn't take no for an answer. I wasn't really sure that the business was going to take shape for 6 months. After the conference call, i could actually see the light at the end of the t…

love, nature and payphones....

When i look around my life, i am blessed to see so much love. I see love in peoples body language, the way they kiss, hold hands and are genuinely compassionate about life. I think that the more we live in love, the less we have to fear and the less we fear the happier we are. I was leaving the other morning to go to the airport and got a true glimpse of love between two of my cats, tigher and pepper. I was fortunate enough to catch them in the act of snuggling and pepper made a point of cleaning tigher. It was so cute and melted me from inside. I thought to myself how amazing it is to see such compassion in the animal kingdom. I get warmed when i see such behavior and it inspires me in many ways.

While in vegas, i wasn't my photographic self, meaning that i didn't take a million photos as i always do. Rather i decided to take just a few quality photos of nature and people. On one particular morning, I was awakened earlier than usual and couldn't go back to sleep. …

Looking for Start up Capital

Okay so as many of you know, TruBlue has been in existence for a year now. We are going on year two and we want to start agressively marketing ourselves and really kick things off for 08.

We are looking for $50,000 in intitial round funding to advertise and penetrate the market here in San Diego. Some of you may or may not know but we are also starting this new year off with a concierge service. We feel this will be an exceptional way to feed the events side of the business.

I am open to all offers and even creative ways to finance this. TruBlue is looking to start the year off with a bang. We are alson in need of an experienced financial person...cfo, cpa or anyone who is great with money.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or commments, i would love to hear them at


Okay San Diego...come on!!!!

Okay here we are in crisis mode. There are wildflowers all over the place. There is ash falling everywhere and people need a place to live.

On my walk home this morning I was chipper and joyful, until i saw this.

Have we really become such a society that we can't pick up after our dogs. It wasn't a stray because they get picked up when they run loose.

This is my community and i take pride in it. I keep my place clean and pick up trash when i see it lying around. Have that same pride and take care of your own place. If you want someplace to be nice and look nice, start with looking towards yourself.

If anyone needs refuge in this time of need, i offer up my apartment. It isnt' much but will provide a roof over your head. I am on the road traveleing for the month of November and December so it may give you refuge for a bit.

Until next time,

What happens to us...

So i woke up this morning thinking about the day ahead, my life and past friends.  So a song came on that made me think of a good fried Ashley.  

I have known ashley for many years.  I met him in the 90's when he and i were in college.  We both worked at the same bakery.  I trained him, and i must admit sometimes he was a little clumsy. I remember one time when I got off at 2 i told ashley to bake two hummingbird cakes.  I stopped by at 6pm to see how things were going, I asked him what the burning smell was and he freaked and said the humming bird cakes.  Seems he left them in the oven too long...2 hours too long.

Ashley had it pretty rough and was involved in two car accidents, one was alchohol related and in all truth shouldn't have lived but he did.  He met a girl, got married and had children.  He was a groomsman at my wedding when i got married in 99.  We used to talk alot, close friends and discussed so much.

Now we don't talk that much.  He came into my head and I wil…

Love is an Airport...

My whole life i have been in love with airports.  I enjoy flying into and out of airports because to me it is the best feeling in the world.

People are traveling to some unknown destination or they are going to visit long lost family.  I always wonder when flying into airports like San Fran where people are traveling to.  I love to think they are going on an international trip somewhere.

Today when flying in, we de planed at the terminal right next to the international gates. I wondered where each of the planes was going or where it had come from.

I love taking pictures of the planes at the airports.  My dad instilled the love of planes for me and it has stayed with me ever since.  I am thankful for that.  Although, sometimes i get nervous when i fly, i still love to do it.  It reminds me of my childhood hopping a National flight to New Orleans from San Diego, or eventually a Pan Am flight and getting moved up to first class. 

Traveling is not the same as it was.  The demands of the trave…

Time to reflect...

So i finished up another program today. Pharmaceutical company and as always it was a success for me. Got to see friends and make new ones. My flight was at 11:30 and i caught a ride to McCarran Airport and make it through security in about 5 minutes.

I had a bit of a down day. I guess i am letting myself be a little more emotional. The more emotions the more i reflect.... A good friend told me that music is very therapeutic. After a very tough flight home, I was down a bit. I spent the afternoon watching my cousin tat his friend dustin. I saw the passion that Jake had while he was tatooing. He felt so good about drawing this tat and putting it on his friend. The energy was contagious. He finished the tat and went over to his girls house with Dustin because they were going to celebrate.

I went to Fillipi's and got some lasagna and reflected, again. Upon coming home I started listening to some deep music. I as many of you may or may not know, love to sing. I realize th…

Letter to my aunt and uncle...

Brad and Cindy,

Well this is just an email for uncle brick and Cindy Lou to let you know that everything in San Diego is great. Jake is doing awesome and we have been working out a lot together. We make a good team cause we motivate each other. He, as you know is working at the bike store and doing fantastic. Everyone there loves him. I watched him the other day with the clients and he is great...good listener, great interaction, Brad, you would be too Cindy.

He is also dating a very nice girl (well lets be honest...stalking is a better word) I am kidding. Her name is Jamie (sp). He met her out one night and I must say she is quite a looker. Very nice, very settled and not 100% into Jake, which is why he likes her. She lives very close to the bike store on the beach and when he gets off, he treks over and spends some time with her. He seems genuinely happy.

Last night I went and picked him up at starbucks by jaimes house and he was telling me all about how warm and …

Gogol Bordello

Okay so it has been way too long since i have blogged. Somebody flog me. Beat me into submission or just kiss me for god's sake.

So i went to the most amazing, full energy, artistic, creative and mystifying event ever. It was a Gogol Bordello concert and I love this band. My friend Sarah made the suggestion and picked out the tickets. My friend dave and his wife Tiff, Sarah and I made the trek by foot down to the HOB.

Along the way, dave and i thought we were going to be fighting with a homeless man who wouldn't leave us alone. He was following us and mouthing off something. Dave and I started to check ourselves and move the girls forward to make sure they were out of harms way and then he finally stopped.

We saw some other guys going the opposite direction and were going to warn them, but they ended up moving in and we didn't see what happened, because we had to get down to dinner and see the show.

We ate dinner at the HOB and the food from my stand point (being an eve…

Day 12-August 8th-Heading Home :-(

Wasn't sure if it was going to rain. Started looking like it but then it cleared up. I was glad. I ate some breakfast and then decided to walk around the property and take some shots of nature and anything else I could find.

Sometimes when you walk around, you begin to realize how connected to this great planet you are. It was quite amazing to see all the wildlife such as birds and lizards and other creatures. Very often we get caught up in the grand schemes of things and we forget to look at the minutia. In actuality it is the minutia that makes the difference. I say this with conviction and those of you who know me, know this, "you can drive down any road a million times and see something completely different and beautiful every time"

This trip to the Virgin Islands gave me a glimpse of how good life really is. Good things happen to people that are in the good and bad things follow those who are in the bad. How do you define each of those, it is up to you. It is…

Day 10-Leverick Bay to Little Dix back to Caneel Bay

Awesome day. Woke up relatively early and got a start on the morning. It was interesting to have TV on this island because it seems so remote, however, it was nice to be able to see cnn and fox and catch up on world events. Today we were going to snorkel at savannah bay, however, we had to turn our towels back in and it would have caused hell on the rental car.

So we decided to drive over to Little Dix Bay, which is another property in the Rosewood Family. We arrived at about 9:45 and dropped the car off with hospitality. One very nice thing about renting a car (from hertz) is that you can rent it from the local rental and drop it off at the resort where you are staying. Since most of the ferries leave out of little dix bay, returning the car was very easy and convenient.

After dropping the keys off to hospitality we headed to the beach. Immediately I put on my snorkel gear and headed out into little dix bay. The scenery, although not very colorful, is extremely alive. Fish wer…

Day 9-Leverick Bay-relaxing sunday

Today was a chill day. Didn't do a whole lot. Did find out that the cove has limited staff and limited breakfast in the off season. Tried to order breakfast but they didn't really have anything. Went into the compass pointe and bought some cereal and milk and ate out of styrofoam cups in the in room. After breakfast, went down and laid out for a bit under a hut. It was very nice and very relaxing.

At about 12 ate lunch. Had an enourmous plate of nachos which was good, fresh and not very greasy. They (whomever they are) say you are not supposed to swim until after 30 minutes so that your food can digest. What do they know, my ass was in the water snorkeling after 5 minutes. The water was a bit murky and i absorbed all that i could. I did find that the locals and the non locals seem to not care much for their waters. I picked up at least 20 pieces of trash on the bottom of leverick bay. Old bottles and plastic cups tend to be the main culprits. I almost got stung …

Day 8-Leverick Bay-on to tortola and back to Virgin Gorda

Today we left Fischermans Cove and drove to the opposite side of the island. It was a beautiful and steep drive with some gorgeous scenery along the way. I tried to capture as much of the scenery as possible, but that really isn't possible. You have to visit here to believe it. The pictures will never do it justice.

After we got checked into our little resort, we headed back to catch the ferry "speedy's" to tortola. The ride is between 30 and 45 minutes long.

Some info about tortola:

Tortola is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands, a group of islands which form part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands.

Tortola is a mountainous island 12 miles (19 km) long and 3 miles (5 km) wide which was formed by volcanic activity; its highest peak is Mount Sage at 1750 feet (530 m). Tortola lies near an earthquake fault, and minor earthquakes are common.

The population of Tortola is 23,908. The principal settlement is Road Town, the capital of the Br…

Day 7-British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda is the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands. It is an island of rolling hills, beautiful beaches, and incredible geological formations. This one of "nature's little secrets” capitalizes on it's quiet charm. “small town” appeal and friendly people. The main industry on Virgin Gorda is tourism but with just over 3,000 population the way of life is old-time Caribbean.

Meaning “Fat Virgin" in Spanish - Virgin Gorda got it's name from Columbus referring to the feminine curves of Virgin Gorda's geography.
Virgin Gorda is defined by two distinct areas; The Valley to the South (or Spanish Town, the name of it's original Spanish settlement) with rolling hills and round granite boulders and North Sound at the northern end of Virgin Gorda which is a large sheltered harbor containing the quaint little village of Gun Creek and several resorts.
Bridging the two areas is a narrow neck of land lined by spectacular Savannah Bay Beach and Virgin G…

Day 6-Caneel Bay

Nothing to write today. enjoyed my day at leisure. went to zozo's at night...what a view.

This was the view from Zozo's

Day 5 Caneel Bay-August 1-My Birthday

I woke up early today. After all it is my birthday...jeez how often does that happen. I also realized that i am crazy. I can't believe I am up an out the door at 7am local time, which is 3 am our time in San Diego...what the hell am i thinking. My sleep patterns are going to be screwed up beyond belief when i get back to San Diego.

I had breakfast this morning at the cafe and was greeted as usual in the morning style, "Good Morning Chad". I like that they remember your name. Somehow or another they remembered it was my birthday as well and that was very impressive. I had my usual pancakes and sausage this morning for breakfast.

I decided to go back to my room and read the last of "Many Lives, Many Masters". I was getting drawn in by the book and had to finish it. When i went back to the room, housekeeping was working their magic, so i decided to read on the reclining chairs out side of the room. I remain true to form, I start reading and within 2 minu…

Day 3-Caneel Bay

Didn't accomplish much today. Woke up early and went to breakfast at 7:30. I had some blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit and some coffee. Very delicious and fulfilling. I went back to the room and decided to grab my computer to check email and the like.

I decided i really didn't want to do much today so I figured I would lay at the beach, swim and just do nothing. I know very rough life, but somebody has to do it. We had rain early on today but it soon faded at about 9 and the sky remained blue with a few hints of clouds throughout.

The beach as always was gorgeous. The sun was in full force and I tried to remain out of the direct sun so i positioned my beach chair under a palm tree. Because the sun constantly moves, i had to re position my chair often. At 1:45 I decided to have lunch and on the menu this day was hamburgers and hot dogs. The salad was very delicious and of course they had my favorite ...olives.

I spent a large majority of the afternoon from about 4pm …

Day 4-Caneel Bay

Okay so i decided to sleep in today a bit. I think i woke up at 830 or 9ish. I decided to make coffee in my room and read on this particular morning. I read for about an hour and then headed up to the main lobby where I could check emails and respond to any business related material. One thing i realized today as it finished up is that i didn't take any pictures :-(.

At 10:45 I headed up to the lobby and checked emails, responded to friend requests and comments on friendster and tried to catch up on events around the world. At Noon i had lunch at the caneel buffett and made myself eat some salad. Seems like I go on vacation and forget to eat greens so i decided to gorge on greens this day.

After lunch, i went back to the room and relaxed in the AC and lounged on the bed. I began reading my book again and found myself dozing off. I awoke at 1:45 and decided to go sit out in the water and get some sun (more of something i don't really need :-) ) The beach was nice and i…

Day 2-Caneel Bay

Woke up relatively early today. Decided to go lay out for a bit. Had some breakfast off the buffet and slowly started to wake up. The days are beautiful here as well as the evenings. The sounds are fantastic, the skies are breathtaking and the environment is serene.

Today we went into Cruz Bay which is town here in St. Johns. Stopped at the local deli and grabbed some refreshments and continued the tour of the island. The island is 9 miles long and takes about an hour to drive from Cruz bay to the East End. The interesting thing is that you drive on the left side of the road. From Cruz Bay you drive to Chocolate hole, then Rendezvous Bay,then north on the 104 through residential areas and over into Coral Bay Shipwreck Landing and Friis Bay. We had lunch at Shipwreck bay which is a locals hangout. Decent food and great views.

Since there isn't much to do on the islands, the occurance of alcoholism is high. Many people drink the days away and have a great life doing so. Wh…

Day 1-Virgin Islands-Caneel Bay

Well lets just say today was a long day. I woke up at 6 am and started running around finalizing stuff for my trip. I had to take out some cash, get some stuff and be ready to go at 9pm tonight.

The day passed by quickly and before I knew it I was at the airport checking in. I decided since I was going to be flying on the redeye and that sleep would probably be a great idea, that I would buy a of those u pillows. All I can say is wow. I fell asleep during take off out of san Diego airport leaned the seat back and at 3am local time, 6am New York time, I woke up, fully rested and wide awake. Needless to say it was the best $25 dollar investment I have made. Plus it came with nice eye covers as well to keep out the light. Noah, if you are reading this, you got to get it for your trip to China. It will be well worth the investment, if you don’t want to buy it, use mine, you will thank me later (mind you I can NEVER sleep on planes)

So the flight from New York to St. Th…


Well I was going through some old stuff of mine and found a video that Fatima made for me/us after our first two years together.

Needless to say, it hurt, deep.  I don't know what made me look at it but for whatever reason i did and i gotta tell ya, i cried and am still crying.  I guess there is something in the finality of it all.  Realizing it is over. Reflecting back thinking that she would be the one I wanted to marry and spend my days with.  Seeing how much i have aged.

It is definately a tough pill to swallow.  I needed it to remind me that I have emotions and that I do hurt.  I have the ability to feel and still have emotions.  I empathize with all those who have loved and lost.  I guess I forgot.

It is always good to get a lesson in humanity.  Sometimes we forget or we chose not to see things or ignore them.  This day was chosen for me to remember and I thank the universe for that.

Remember:  It isn't what you have, it is what you have learned.

Small things in life...

As I sit here on this Saturday night composing this blog, i reflect on things that i am very thankful for.  On this particular night, it isn't anything big, but rather 3 rather small things, pepper, tigher, and precious.

They are three amazing gifts that have been given to me or that I was directed towards and they are my kitties.  They have been part of my life for the almost the past three years.  I have had pepper for the longest.  I picked her up in 2004 with my ex in coronado as a play partner for Thomas.

I have pictures of the little girl sleeping on me and a few cute pics of her around the house.  She really became my heart and when my ex moved out, aside from the obvious hurt, there was the hurt of missing the closest thing to a daughter i have ever had.  I would look back on pics of pepper and cry thinking about my failed relationship and the fact that pepper was no longer in my life.

Precious and Tigher we picked up in florida to give pepper play pals while we were away.  T…

The life of a TD/PM.

Okay so you may ask what is a TD/PM. I am referring to Travel Director/Project Manager. I actually like to call them traveling project manager's or TPM. Our life is very sporatic and love lives only occur on the road with the people we meet. It is impossible to be in a relationship with the work we do. Many of us are gone 250 to 300 days per year and with that type of schedule, there is little room for romance.

Sometimes we do the unthinkable for peanuts. We rise before most of the world has gone to sleep, we make sure that registration packets are stuffed, collateral is colated and participants of any event are having a great time, and if they aren't, how we can make their lives better. Sometimes we don't sleep much and we wake up at the sound of nextels not really going off. We take the job home with us as we freak out everytime a nextel goes off.

Our naps, if ever, are short and only about 15 minutes. We try to push the limits sometimes and drink until 2 in the …

the whereabouts of chad

Currently: Dallas, Tx the Anatole

So how do you start a blog off during a wierd time in life? The same way as everyone else, you sit down and write what comes to your mind. I reflect a lot on my life and where i am and if I wil ever get to that point where I feel i can relax a bit. I think the blog is the only place i can write what i feel and not be judged or where people give me useful advise. Sometimes you call a friend or family member and they want to solve your problems. Sometimes, i just need a listening ear and this way I can put down my thoughts without feedback, except for the music that I listen to at this moment.

 "Wait" by sarah mclachlan

So i was a little blue today after i got off work. I went and worked out and sat in the steam room. when i was finished, i went upstairs and changed. I trudged down to the "terrace" restaurant after contemplating for 20 minutes if i should order room service. I ordered the kobe beef burger and a baked potato. T…

Police concert kicked ass

All i can say about this particular concert was WOW. Best concert I have been to in a long while. I was able to admire a new side of the police. They have mellowed out a bit, but they added their own flair to the concert. Althought it wasn't as up beat as their albums, it had a much more soulful feel.

Sting still has amazing vocal capabilities. He belted out songs as he did in his 20's and 30's. He looks great for whatever age he may be. They started the evening with message in a bottle and finished up with every breath you take.

I was able to snag a couple of one minute videos with my blackjack. they are not the best quality, however, I think you will still appreciate the ability that the police have to move a crowd. They are still high energy and pulled a double encore. Total time, They played for 3 hours. Ticket prices may have reflected that, but it was well worth it.

I had a great time and was so thankful that i could experience such an amazing event.

random thoughts...

This may be a subject I have touched on before, but it is something that has reared up in the past few days. Many of you may or may not know about and that is up to this point, i have sucked with regards to my personal finance. I went from being at a pont of being able to take care of my finances and never worrying, to always worrying about finances. It is only recently that I have been able to pay my requirements.

It has also become evident once again that I am not able to be in a relationship because of the worry of my current finances. It is too much a worry on my mind and because of it I am working my ass off as much as i can to pay the current obligation. I think that because I am not financially close to stable, it makes me realize that I have to be financially stable for my piece of mind in order to be in any sort of relationship.

At this time, I don't think i can handle a relationship for 2 reasons,
1. I just recently ended a 5 year commitment
2. I am not in a point wher…

Dinner for 1-at Dennys?

So last night i was hungry as i am about 99 percent of the time. I decided to go to my usual hangout, which is dennys. I have been going to dennys in general since i was a junior in college. Not the best food in the world, but it is consistent and i sometimes like that consistency.

So i was greeted by my favorite server, Tony. He is a very nice hispanic man and hasn't completely disolved his accent from Mexico City. I ordered my usual, coffee and some edible fried foods. I am not a big fried food guy, but sometimes the body just craves it so I decided to get the sampler. It worked.

As i was eating, it dawned on me that I did not know anything about Tony. So I started up a conversation with him. It turns out that his father was very involved with the white house as his father was a general in the mexican army. He lived in DC shortly and moved to Mexico city where he spend the remainder of his days, until 5 years ago. He came to San Diego to visit a friend and decided to st…

Colorado River

Well, I just got home from my trip to the Colorado River with my friend Noah. Man did we have a great time.

I got the call as I landed in Phoenix on my way home from Fort Lauderdale. Noah said, "Hey man, do you want to go to the river this weekend?" All I could think of was, "no" because I was slightly tired and thinking I probably wanted to chill at home. I said, "Yes...that sounds good"

Well i woke up at 11:30 on Saturday and got the call from Noah at 2pm, after I had been out running some errands. He said he was on his way down to my place and that we would head out from there. We hit the road at about 3 pm and drove through great weather into super hot desert country. We arrived at the campsite at 8pm high as a kite from gas fumes. We had to fill up some gas tanks for gas for the jetskis and boats at the exit we turned off on, from there it was an 18 mile drive down a dirt road to get to the campsite.

After arriving we set up camp and proceede…

Removing the demons past..

It has occurred to me that in some break up situations, you can remain friends and in others it is best to cut all ties, past and present. Recently I was contacted by my ex and berated and complained to. I was told what an insignificant person I am and why am I doing the things that I am doing. For whatever reasons, she cannot save me nor can i save her. My choices are just that and I shouldn't have to conform to what she wants me to be.

I have also gone through and deleted old pictures of us because it is apparent that we cannot even be friends. I think the most annoying thing is that I just have to listen to her calls...i cant even say one thing in my defense or explain myself because she doesn't want to hear it. All I know is that relationships with a significant other are not a must. They are choices that we make. There is a certain give and take that occurs and when the relationship is over, is it really over? Aren't there some overlapping grey areas, like fri…

Update: Working in Chicago

So i haven't been able to post anything on here in a week because I have been working and don't have a laptop for the road. I have been working at the palmer house hilton. Nice, older property here in Chicago.

Staff has been as accomodating as possible, however, the service is a bit slower than we would like to see. I was on the meetings team and was responsisble for getting all the collateral materials delivered, making sure we had proper signage, ensuring the rooms are the right temperature and just sort of being there for the meetings rooms if they needed anything.

This meeting was extremely successful and there were no real issues of concern. They are doing a complete renovation of the property and if you are thinking of doing an event here, you may want to reconsider until after 2008 is past.

Worked with great staff and just had a good time. The meeting planner on this was extremely organized and it shows...less time worked. 10 hour days max...unlike 14-16 hour days …

The dangers of drinking and driving...

Family, Friends and Acquantainces,

I haven't shared this with too many people. Some of you may know and some of you may not. I feel it is my responsibility to let people know about the dangers of drinking and driving.

On January 19, 2007, I was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. It was a scary and humiliating experience. I had to under go field sobriety tests, get handcuffed, take a ride downtown in the police car, get photographed (mug shot) and spend the night in a holding tank with several other offenders and the occasional crazy person.

I had lots of time on my hands as i was in and out of sleep and conciousness. I felt like a huge failure and couldn't believe what I had done. But I, like many out there felt it was okay to have a few drinks and drive home, because lets face happens every day. We go to a company social and toss a few back, we go out with the girls and have a few martini's or glasses of wine. We then make the decision …

Humor for Today

Okay so my friend Connie sent me this calendar and I figure it should go to good use. I shouldn't be the only one who gets humor out of this, my gift is to share with you.
Also my all time favorite is here. I can't post the pics, but at least i can send it to you. I hope you all have a great day.

Meetings of the mind.

Family and friends,So a month or so ago, I worked a program up in LA and met an amazing person while there.  She was producing some modeling shoots for a very large department store.  It was a random coincidence that we met.  Every day she would check her email and see what candidates were lined up for the day.  She was always checking her email with her partner in crime in the lobby of the hotel.  We made small but funny talk every time they were in the lobby and since I was stationed at the hospitality desk there, our conversations became more frequent.On the last day of their shoot and our hospitality desk, we exchanged business cards and went our merry ways.  I started corresponding with her and she rapidly responded and we earnestly began having very pleasant dialogue.  Somehow or another she found my blog and began reading about me.  We have been conversing on a weekly and even sometimes a nightly basis.  She will impart me with some wisdom, I respond by asking her questions abo…

72 miles...are you serious.

I don't know why this seems to blow people away. My friend Chris and I decided to do our long ride today. He came over after work last night and crashed on my couch at midnight. I awoke at 6:30 and stared at the ceiling until 7:30 at which time, I got up and woke Chris up.

I made a vat of oatmeal and served us up two piping hot bowls. Some people don't like oatmeal, i happen to love it. This morning I got a little crazy and jazzed it up with some brown sugar and some strawberry syrup. It was damn good. We washed it down with some water and within 20 minutes we were dressed and on our bikes enjoying the brisk morning air of San Diego.

Chris kept askin me how far we were going to go. I said that he would find out when we turned around. We rode up the coast past UCSD, past Del Mar, through Solana Beach, steadily through Cardiff, slowly through Encinitas and Leucadia, and into Carlsbad. We went to the far end of Carlsbad and stopped at the starbucks for a cup of joe and some energy.…

I know I know

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It's been 4 days since my last post. What is going on with me? Who knows, I am just a busy busy boy. Getting ready for my may away and June gone. Whats that you say, that is the amount of time I will be here in San Diego. I am traveling the whole month. Just signed my last contract a few days ago.

I will be traveling to Arizona, Dallas, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and god knows where else. I am looking forward to it but I am going to miss my girls, Tigher and Pepper. They are awesome.

On to what i really want to talk about. Have you heard of Amy Winehouse? If you haven't click the link i have provided Amy Winehouse

All I can say is I am thoroughly impressed. She is awesome. She has a 1950's feel and sound and I am willing to bet that she is going to win female artist of the year. Her album went to number 1 in a matter of 3 weeks in Europe and will do the same here.

Check her out, i am sure you will love her as much as I do.

Movie Review: Planet Terror & DeathProof

The friday night flick for Noah and I. I did and I didn't know what to expect. Robert Rodriguez is famous for films like "Once upon a time in Mexico" and I don't need to tell you about Quentin Tarantino...If I do, your an ass.

The film opened up with Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Horror". Mind you that Tarantino went to great lengths to make this film seem like a 70's flick including previews and music from the era. Very entertaining, i felt like I was 4 again. Robert Rodriguez did a great job with the editing of his film (which I think was done by both him and Tarantino).

Grindhouse refers to an old genre of film that was popular 20 or 30 so years ago. Some of you reading this wont remember that, however, those of you that do...kudos. The acting of the "grindhouse" genre was horrible and the directors were strangely intertwined in the movies, wheter it was the drugs they were on or some bad dream they had the night before.

Rodriguez and Tar…

Another great day!

So today I decided to ride with some new friends that I had made. My friend Chris from Mazatlan and his friend Greg and I decided to go on a little trip up the coast. I met them at the McDonalds on Garnett and Mission bay and from there we began our ride.

Greg and I had never met and struck up an interesting conversation on life that seemed to last the entire ride. He is an amazing guy with tons of history. I learned a lot about and from him today. He just quit smoking about a month ago, bought a bike, started doing critical mass rides here in San Diego and has been riding his bike for about a month (and he is very strong for only riding a month). I was for sure our ride was going to take us out and back about 30 miles total, however, Chris and greg wanted to push on while in Del Mar so we rode into solana beach, grabbed some food and headed back.

I snapped a few shots of them before Torrey Pines and after... The guys are looking good. They made it up the hill with no problems. We c…

A fantastic book...

Okay so I just got done reading, “Everyone worth knowing”.  It is a fantastic book about a twenty something girl working at a major financial institution.  She is not thrilled to be there and puts in many countless hours and feels like she is getting nowhere.  She gets in trouble at work one day for taking a break too long and decides to quit.She enjoys the days off looking for work, eating red hots and playing with her dog.  Her uncle Will convinces her to go to a PR firm and apply for a job.  From here she starts a whirlwind year of partying, playing with celebs, getting caught up in gossip, and finding herself.  I don’t want to give away too much from the book.  It is an easy read.  I picked it up on Thursday and finished the last 100 pages last night at about 7pm.  The book will and is a reminder of a harlequin romance novel and okay as a straight man, I have to admit, I am hooked.  I could read this style of book forever and never seem to get bored.  The story comes together nice…

Working out

So today was another amazing day. I started off with my mantra and some green tea on this day. I could feel the universe buzzing all around me. I could feel the love and the energy coming to me. Today I was going to meet my friend JC and Rich for Coffee at David's in Hillcrest. I haven't seen JC in such a long time. Man he looked great. He just moved back from Colorado. It is so nice to have him back. It is like having a completed family and another reason i feel so connected to the universe.

So we met at David's and discussed what had happened in our lives over the past year. Rich's love life melted in the beginning of 2006 and since then he has been enjoying the status of single gay man in a good looking man's body. My five year relationship with Fatima ended on a good note. We decided we were not heading in the right direction and called it quits. JC on the other hand has managed to wrangle himself a prize. He is 45, good looking and treats JC very w…