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Cool day off...Silent Civilian Night

Current mood: contemplative
Today was pretty cool. I actually woke up after 5 hours after falling asleep. I don't have the ability to sleep in anymore. I need to get back to my early morning rising. I have way too much to do. This blog takes at least an i post on blogspot as well. If your interested in seeing that one...let me know.
At noon yesterday, I went on another ride. I will say I am crazy. I love riding. Yesterday...i realized that i was totally there in the ride. I wasn't thinking about my ex...I wasn't thinking about my bills, I was focusing on the white line. Those of you that ride will know what I am talking about. It is a line on the side of the rode that separates the car lane from the bike lane. When you stare at it, you become entranced. Next think you know you are further down the road than you previously remembered.
Yesterday was brutal. The head wind kept me at 16mph where I could normally do 22. Going down torrey pines...I can normally get 39-42...i could not get past 32. That was in my 53 x 12. At least on the way back I had a tail wind which was nice. It made the ride home nice. It was a little bit chilly but because I pushed it, i was pretty warm.
After going to the bank, i rode home and showered and cleaned the apt. a bit. Not a whole lot to clean since it is me and two cute little purr purrs. I fell asleep for like 10 minutes. I got intensely cold and then freakishly hot. I left for san marcos at 8:15. I met up with Dave Delacruz approximately 45 minutes later. He met me at the door and made sure my cover was taken care of. There were a couple of local bands performing. The one that opened before Silent Civilian was pretty good. I had never heard of them. At 10 pm promptly, Silent civilian began taking the stage and setting up. By 10:15 they were rockin the house. All i can say is Holy Fuck...those guys know what heavy metal is all about. It was the best concert (small venue) that I have ever been to. Acoustics were great. Johnny Santos belted out some amazing lyrics and with a heartful of passion. Disco...that guy will fuckin rock your socks off....He fuckin loves playin the bass and it shows. He has fun with his instrument... Chris is amazing on drums. That guy...lets just say I got dizzy watchin that guy do a solo. I would only be able to focus on 1 drum...he managed like 8.... Dave...I have to brag about this kid, he is a natural talent. Watchin him rip those cords apart was awe inspiring. It was like you were sitting at the Sistene Chapel watching Michaelangelo paint... I was in fuckin awe and he didn't miss a note. Talk about a passion for something. If I had passion for working the way he played...I would be a millionaire.
They finished up with a tasty jam called "Divided" and really got the crowd riled up. I will say that these guys are headed for stardom. Great neck is still hurting from bangin my head so hard....G if your reading this...they are going to be in dallas...check the fuckers out. You won't be sorry. Tell dave you are a good friend of mine.
I left at 11 and wished I would have had a warm bed to crawl into. I was so damned tired. I rolled down the window, i slapped myself a few times. I turned up the music...nothing seemed to work, but before I knew it, I was parking. I barely undressed getting everything off and crawled into a comfortable own. My kitties jumped on and took their normal positions and we all drifted off into dream land. More tomorrow.
Currently listening : Get Rich Or Die Tryin By 50 Cent Release date: By 06 February, 2003


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