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Day 13-Paraty

Today, a group of eight of us, went to a beach called Trinidade.  It was a beautiful beach at the bottom of this very steep hill.  The hill was so step that until it was paved, you really couldn't take a car on it.  The drive down was impressive and reminded me a bit of the blue mountains in Jamaica.

Noah surfed for a bit on the beach, but the waves closed out too quickly.  After swimming and body surfing for an hour, Carlos, our guide walked us to a Piscina Natural or Natural Pool.  it was really pretty, but a little murky.  We snorkeled for a bit and paid 7 reis each to get back to the main beach.  Carlos walked back and met up with us.

We played soccer for a bit and then the group decided to eat lunch.  A very quick squall passed through and the location we were having lunch had to batten down the hatches per se.  I took some photos of the waves crashing against the rock, but in the end, It was Carlos, when using my camera, snapped the best shot.

After lunch we headed back into town at about 2:30.  We stopped just off the beaten path at a set of falls where many of the group decided to jump off a cliff.  It was about 20 feet high and had a relatively shallow bottom.  Noah ended up grazing his foot on a rock when he landed.

There was another set of falls where you could slide down the rock into a giant pool at the end.  The entire group went about 3 times and finally ended up with Jake getting naked in front of our group and sliding down the falls.  Noah, was hesitant, but i convinced him that you will only do it once in your life, so he decided to go down in his birthday suit as well, however, he forgot to hold up his tender bits and got chaffed on the way down.  All in all it was funny to watch each person go down the slide.

We then went to an Artesanal Cachaceria, where they make the liquor from fermented sugar cane. Cachaรงa is the product of the distillation of fermented sugarcane juice and its alcohol strength anywhere from 38% to 80% by volume. When it is homemade it can be as strong as the distiller wants. Up to six grams per liter of sugar may be added.  Needless to say this isn't a good drink if you are on the atkins o
r south beach diet.  We sampled a few of each of the flavors and then we headed out.  

We arrived back at 5pm to our hotel.  I went to the local money exchange place and exchanged the last of my currency to reais.  I got gipped because I should have changed it all in Iguassu.  The exchange there was 1.83 reis to 1 USD, here it was 1.70 reis to 1 USD.  I walked back to the hotel, running into Noah on the way back.  he was out to scout out some cool photos and then we would go get some food.

As we walked down the street, we ran into a new restaurant that had just opened up in Paraty called Best Burger.  We ordered our food and the manager spoke very good english.  Our order came out wrong so he gave us a free order of fries and promised us our food would be up shortly.  The service was great and so Noah and I were in no hurry.  The burgers were pretty good, however, the fries could have been cooked a bit longer.

It ended up being a late night with Noah and Matthew as we walked the streets of Paraty in search of the best hotspot.  We stared at club che, trying to find our guide, who said he would be there and then moving on to the streets and enjoying this great little place with tons of people sitting out and enjoying the superb evening.  I ended up drinking pineapple caipirinha's and by 2 am it was time to hit the hay.  All in all a fantastic day and I enjoyed the sights, smells and tastes of this wonderful little beach community

Until next time.


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