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This time its for good

I just came across this old poem I wrote for my mom on May 14, 2002.  Brought back a rush of emotions

This time its for good

I want you to know what i feel in my heart, is that in this life, I have always loved you

Even though for most of it, apart

My life is so changing and drastic you see

that somewhere in between, we lost the You and me

The tide is now turning and clear shores amidst

the truth in this writing is we have only this

Dreams to hold on to, and some memories to share

The good ones the bad ones and the seemingly unfair

In my life I believed that as good as it gets

is a mother and father who often forgets

The sanctity of life is remaining and true

the bad memories linger, so bitter, but few

Help me now grow and realize the truth

our lives before this were possibly the worst

We shouldn't let these years or days go by quickly

Living our lives depressed, hurt or sick-ly

We shall embrace the future and all that it holds

Breaking and freeing ourselves from the mold

The time to embrace and heal…

When she left...

So many of you may or may not be aware that my mom, Agneta Bordes, passed this friday. I was in San Diego and I got the call from my aunt saying that mom didn't look good and I needed to get home soon.

I felt it like a wave of fire over my entire body and knew that today was the day that my mom would give up her spirit. The traffic gods were with me as I made it to Topanga Terrace in under 2 hours. As I parked, my mind raced with what to expect.

Upon entering her room, the curtains were drawn and dawn and christina were sitting peacefully by her side. My mother looked so frail and her breathing was shallow. Christina changed places with me and I took my moms hand. Christina announced to mom that I was here as I took her hand.  Her once loving and embracing hand now sat relatively lifeless. 

Not really comprehending that my mom was going to be leaving, I held her hand, leaned in and kissed her, and told her I loved her.  I saw her chest expand ever so slightly and the last insp…