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401K you say?

The other day I had a great conversation with a co-worker about the above mentioned topic. She asked what my 401K looked like and if there were any stocks that I thought were appealing, I laughed.  She asked what I thought was so funny and I enlightened her on the fact that I don't have a 401K and I don't invest.  I don't even have a savings account (well not true, I had to open one with my business account, however the balance is the bare minimum).

She looked at me aghast and asked how could I not have one.  She also expressed concerns about my financial future. I assured her that I am okay.  I am not okay in the traditional sense of putting money away, but I am okay.  As many of you know, I am a very in the moment kind of person.  I don't invest and haven't really because I don't have regard for the future.  All I really have in this life is right now.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said, "but you should be putting away for the what-ifs", I would be financially overwhelmed.  My philosophy is simple, all we have is this right here right now. I have always been okay, even when i was involved in a bad car accident and couldn't work for several weeks.  I had good friends give me money as well as family to help me maintain, not be exorbitant.  I always paid it back, in full and sometimes in triplicate.

The only investments that I make are the ones in people, not companies.  I can't tell you how many times friends have reached out because they "cant make their car note", or "I won't be able to make my rent" or even, "my cupboards are looking bare".  If I have the excess money in my account, I give it away.  I don't have an expectation of repayment.  Would I love to be repaid, absolutely, but the challenge in this life is paying it forward without expecting a return on investment.  Human capital is the best investment you can make in this life!  My greatest fear is not that I will die alone, or of some horribly prolonged death, my fear is dying and having even $100 in my account that could have been used to feed my homeless brother or help a friend with a car repair.

I make my money to invest it in others.  I take care of myself and buy myself my "tech treats" as I like to call them, but the rest, I like to give away.  I used to feel horrible about giving a misplaced person money because often times they would use it for the wrong reason.  I now feel that its the intention that sparks the giving.  My intention is that by giving them a few dollars and asking them to spend it on food or their medicine, or a place to shelter themselves, that the good deed has been done.

I realize that there will come a time when I may no longer be able to provide my place here on this earth, and when that time comes, my hope is that my end will come swiftly, so that I am no longer a burden to my family friends or society.  God forbid the state keep me on a respirator because of "hope" that I may get better even though they know I am drawing my last breaths.  Its my opinion that we are not meant to live that way.  We should accept our fate, hope for the best, but not prolong the agony or cost.

This post is not meant to be a downer but just a different view point about money and investments and how and what we do with each.  Make no mistake, my fellow man is my brother and sister and if it comes down to me skipping a meal to help them out for one they haven't had, You can bet on me to do the right thing.

Invest your time and your money wisely.  You will never be sorry for either. :-)

Until next time...


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