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I love finding inspired writers.

His name is Luke Bryan Davis. This writing is his not mine.  I hope to someday write as well as this cat.  He is truly inspired and in love.  We need more of him's. I can tell you that in the last weeks, I have seen love transform lives and open hearts.  We need to stop associating with the hate and turn towards the good.  We need to fill our lives with the Luke Bryan Davis' of the world.  Conscious thinking is changing and we are beginning to realize that this life is more than just our homes, our cars, our clothes.  It is the people that we surround ourselves with and who inspire us and vice versa.

"I don’t know why i’m different, but I am. I’m a creative person. I bring things into existence from a land of infinite possibility. I alway have. It’s the greatest gift that i will ever be graced with. It’s my purpose in life. It can’t be taken from me. My purpose is to bring light to people. It’s no coincidence that my name is luke. It personifies me. The world sees a flower, yet I see nature’s version of satellite dishes, following the path of the sun, absorbing every part of the light spectrum bar a particular colour, so it can brightly inspire the world. 

 I don’t think like the masses do. When most run into a spider web, they fear being bitten and want to stomp the poor thing out of existence, yet i feel remorse for not only ruining a work of art but a home that is a magnificent display of architectural brilliance. I look around, I see broken carts trying to pull exhausted horses. I cant change the world nor do i need to. 

 I’m creating my own world. I’m going to live a life thats so powerful that it infects everything it comes into contact with. Every day that I create, I become better at it. Its a gift that keeps on giving. I’m going t live a world thats filled with the whole spectrum of love. I’m choosing to lead by example. I’m going to magnify life in such a way that no person can escape its magic. 

 Not long ago I tempted fate. I told myself that I wouldn’t find someone that was the polarity of myself, and accepted who I truly was. This was the day before my life was turned inside out. A month ago to the day, someone stood beside me looked into my heart and poured gasoline on my hearts fire. For a second the whole world light up for me. My light cast so far that i could see the horizon. 

 When i turned my head to catch a glimpse of this wonderful creature, i saw a perfect form, balanced by the light that was cast from her gifting and the shadow that was cast from her being. i could see her in her full glory. I knew who she was instantly. She was the other half of me. She was my complementary opposite. It was time for me to give back the gift she gave to me, I interlocked the two of us together like complex and unique energetic puzzle pieces. We both felt how perfect a fit it was. Word after word was exchanged between us, with each one another fear dissolved. 

 I fearlessly tore down every barrier in the name of love. The more i tore away the more she was revealed and the more obvious it became who we where. in relation to each other and in relationwith each other. My paradigm shifted. 

 The advice i will announce with my final breath, will be trust love with such a totality that you have noting left to fear and persevere with it no matter what. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, you're never going to love your woman right unless you can go after her fearlessly. Every women deserves to feel raw untamed love in her heart. You are never going to be able to give it to her if you are holding back. 

 I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks is best for me. I’m not holding back anymore. I have one life. I have one chance. I would rather die open then be alive closed. Im not swayed by how confronting my intensity is anymore and i’m not going to support anyone who promotes anything that inhibits peoples ability to give love or recieve it. Im not going to tone it down to be polite to a bunch of scared folks that are trapped by the safety net they cast to protect themselves with.

 I’m going to give all the love i have to my woman, and the show the rest of the world Fearlessly. If my fears turn out to be correct and it hurts me or ultimately kills me, then so be it. I’m not going to die for honour unless its rooted deeply in love. My fellow man has the strength to become so much more than what we have become so far. Most men are still threatened by a women’s power. For a long part of my life i was too. it disgusts me the karmatic reprocussions of the pain we have burned women with since the beginning of time.

 I’m not going to stand back and allow it to happen anymore. What a man can be, he must be. I have zero tolerence for any man that is unaware of the affect he has on a woman. We live in a society that values avoiding pain. It’s no wonder you can’t handle a woman, you wont even let her be herself and why, because your scared of pain. not acceptable. 

 I’m going to love my woman. I’m going to magnify her. As a man i love to break free from constraint and into freedom. I’m going to trust love until i have nothing left to fear, because without fear anything is possible and when anything is possible, i have total freedom, with total freedom, i can choose to act with integrity, and integrity makes me invincible. So chew on that. or don’t. either way. shes getting the love.

 My partner is a world away, but it doesn’t matter because there is no one else in existence that i want to give my love to. Patience is the ultimate shit test. If you didn’t make so many judgements in life, (and don’t bullshit me about how you don’t, I’ve been there) you wouldn’t need to waste the best part of your relationship keeping her at arms length, trying to qualify her to see if she was worth it. Do you actually think that its going to show her how strong you are? I doubt it.

 Im going to give my partner something that everyone else in the world is to scared to do, give her Pure love, Embarrassing love, Public displays of love, Annoying love, tender love, childish love, innocent love, raw love, passionate love, intense love, artful love and most importantly unconditional love. How you might say? Well it’s simple, i’m just going to give her everything, every moment that i can. I’m not going to make excuses if i cant. Once she opens her heart, I’m responsible for it. 

 I always knew I was destined for a beautiful, powerful, desirable, deep, complex strong, pure, untamed woman. What I overlooked is what kind of man i had to be to honour a women like that. Every women looks and feels like this to someone out there. I’m convinced of it. People are looking for their polarity. The whole world is like a colour spectrum, an Infinite array of colours each pigment with a complementary opposite. Yet the magic of life is that none of the colours are in order. Give up on trying to be safe. Travel the world until you find what you love and let it kill you. if you don’t want to love her then leave her alone.

 My woman is my polarity. The moment by moment practice of being with her requires absolute honour and integrity. i’m not scared of making big promises any more, i”m scared to make little ones and think they are enough. 

 I don’t need to ask anyone for advice. i don’t need to figure women out. 

I don’t need to read books to tell me how to be with her. All i have to do is be open and love her. If she can trust my love then i can trust her fully to embrace it. If you don’t believe me than go and ask every woman out there in the world if its true. You wont find a human being that doesn’t think they deserve love. Your just going to find a lot that think they are not going to find it. 

 To my brothers, i hope this hits you. I hope it reignites your fire that burns to serve women. Fuck being a king. Be a man and serve her. Im going to even if you don’t. They say that god is the creator, (and don’t correct me if it contradicts your beliefs. Im a practicing christian and a buddhist) then stop and think of who made you. A woman did. not only did she make you, she honoured you selflessly. Treat her like god, she gave you life. The least you can do is give her love. Raise your boy to take total responsibility for any women in his life. To every women in my life, i hope this touches a part of you that nothing else has before. To the women im my life who i loved with a limp heart. I'm sorry for the pain i caused you. 

 The world might be fucked, but the effects of that on an individual level is trivial compared to the damage you will do if you don’t love a woman properly. If you are with someone right now, and you don’t love her fully leave her alone. it wont hurt her as much as you think it will to walk away to honour your depth, but it will hurt her immensly if you stay with her and give her half arsed love.

 To my chosen woman, I don’t even need to put your name to this, its self evident who it's for. It couldn’t possibly be for anyone other than you.

 This is dedicated to you and everybody along the way that paved the way to this realisation. "



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