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Bali the beautiful

I cannot put into words how I feel about Bali. Its beautiful serene and humbling. I stepped off the plane and wasn't sure what to expect. It is hot and humid but the people are so friendly  that it makes you forget the weather.

The line to get your visa was stupendous. I would say a solid 30-40 minute wait.  After you pay the $25 fee then you must clear customs. That was easily an hour to 2 hours. Luckily I had the company of Isabel, a cute 22 year old from Germany living in Australia, who decided on a whim to cone to Bali. She was short on visa fees so I gave her 10AUD to get in. We talked for a long while and I will forever remember her smile. She has Ben traveling the world for some time. She was extremely friendly and from what I saw on the plane, an amazing artist.

I was picked up by my driver, who was arranged by Gede, my host in Bali. He owns he was so nice on arrival and gave me WiFi password , a map and showed me to my room. I am actually staying in some rooms behind calmtree but he said I can use the pool and WiFi and order food.

The next morning I was greeted by Randy the instructor and we talked and had coffee. We walked to villa serenity where the classes would be held. We happened to run into sean , our physio therapist for the class. Randy and I got porridge and coconut water and Sean got an omelette. It was delicious and super fresh.

After breakfast we walked down to the beach where randy rented a surfboard. Sean needed one for the day as he had a new one with a surf rack coming the day after. After getting the board we decided to walk back to our place. We were met in the street by the people with Randy and Sean's bikes. Randy had to have a scoopy so she got a fiery red one. Sean went back to study poses and randy and I went to our villas and dropped stuff off.

We headed to cafe Dian for lunch. It was beautiful. I had a rice dish and randy got a vegetable soup. We talked for an hour and watched the surfers. At 2 we headed over to the cafe to watch some friends perform some amazing chants.

I walked into the bungalow and was greeted with the eyes of the most amazing woman. She seemed to be checking me out. I told randy" she looks like Natalie imbruglia". Sure enough after I sat down next to her and she looked over at me a few more times I introduced myself and said she looked familiar. When she introduced herself I almost fainted. I have had a celeb crush on her for 12 years.

After the bungalow and my brush with stardom, we headed back to our place and relaxed poolside. Randy went to take a nap. At 645 we made our way over to Deus and enjoyed some house made sangria. Delicious. The DJ was spinning classics and Randy and I enjoyed conversation and the evening air on bean bags. It was great. It was a perfect end to the 2nd day.

It has been an amazing experience so far and I await the rest of the journey with love and happiness

Until next time

PS.  Indonesian 101
Thank you: terima kasih
Have a nice day: Semoga hair anda menyenankan


  1. Hi Chad,
    Thanks for the update; I have not been to Bali but am envious of your beautiful adventure there. ;o)
    Your personal and spiritual growth in these travels will change your life!!! So are you taking yoga and surf training there as well or will you be returning to Australia? Safe travels and enrichment in the days to come.
    Peace and Happiness, Marion

  2. Great to read your blog Chad. Would beat farming right now.
    Cheers Glen.
    PS the kids think your name is Chad Michael Michaels of Blades of Glory fame...

  3. Glen
    Thanks for reading my blog. That is funny about the Chad Michael Michaels story. I am laughing because I LOVE that movie.

    Love and light

  4. I am happy for you, Chad, and for the amazing journey you've embarked upon!


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