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In a land down under

So I arrived safely in Australia the other day. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to sleep on the plane. Last journey here, I got sick the entire way. I was glad I was rested and the 13.5 hour flight was fantastic.

Upon arriving and clearing customs, I grabbed my bag and headed out. I had a quick chat with Nina, a very nice girl who texted me on the plane. (Yes virgin Australia is awesome). Turns out she is a graphic artist who came here from the UK. She is also a roller derby girl. She has a great personality and a great smile. She gave me her number and pointed me off in the right direction.

I went to the station agent who was very friendly and booked me a ticket to Robina. I grabbed my ticket and my bags and headed to the train. Its perfectly located on the third level of Brisbane international and easily accessible via a sky bridge.

The train ride to Robina was about 1.5 hours. The train offers WiFi, however I couldnt connect. The scenery was much better company.

Upon arriving to Robina, I was greeted by Hannes, a Swedish au pair. He has worked for my friend for 3 months, making sure that the kids are fed and read and off to school.   It took us about 20 minutes to get home and I was greeted by my friend, her daughter and a very happy Kelpie. 

I spent the afternoon relaxing and acclimating. The area called mermaid beach reminds me a bit of Miami and San Diego. Its Ben averaging 75 Fahrenheit and has a nice breeze.

We ate a fantastic home cooked meal and by 900pm I was dead asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open another minute.

I woke up to local birds singing their morning song. I made French press coffee and cooked the kids breakfast. By 8am they were off to school. I had a second cup of coffee and then we took a walk on the beach.

The beaches are clean as its still winter here. Apparently the gold coast was hit by some very bad storms and it really damaged the beaches. They have been restoring for a while now.

After the beach, we went grocery shopping and then to Telstra to get a local phone number. Plans are somewhat confusing, but apparently Telstra has the largest coverage. After I figured out how to unlock my phone telstra via a text I sent , pushed through the entire APN settings for my phone. Works great and has 4g. I just make sure I am on WiFi whenever possible.

I worked out with my friends 2 boys, both 16. A word if caution. A 42 year old can't keep up with 2 16s. At least I can't. I had a great dinner with veggies and goodness and passed out at 10.

This morning I took mojo on a long walk. Apparently he and I are both out of shape. He kept looking at me like " can we go back now?".   It has been very refreshing and I can't get over how friendly the Aussies are. I see know why I was drawn here although I will always miss my close friends back in the states.

I love Australia and will post every Friday about my journey so stay tuned

Until next time...

P.S. Aussie girls are beautiful and from the looks of it very healthy. The family that I am staying with is very entertaining. I could probably make a video of what goes on and sell it in the states for good money.


  1. Keep it coming bro, sounds awesome!!

  2. Man I can't wait to hear all the details of your move and life in Mermaid Beach.


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