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deja vu

We have all had it.  You walk into a restaurant and you feel like you have been there before.  You meet a potential date and feel as if you have been there before, or it could even be as simple as reading something you feel you have read before.  Uncanny coincidence or Universal Intelligence?

So I am reading a book by Daniel Rechnitzer called "The All Knowing Diary" and it has kept my interest through all 120 pages so far (about 35 more to go).  Im not going to lie in that the book covers lots of ground and to summarize teaches us how to use more than the average 10% of our brains that we are currently using.  Daniel talks about Ego vs. True Self and how common held beliefs are not reality.

I will admit that there are times when this book gets a bit deep even for me.  It makes sense but it is just deep and often times you may find yourself reading and re reading a particular line, section or even chapter.  Eventually it will sink in and you will begin to see the message.  You will begin to see that beliefs keep you from being who you could be, or keep you nestled in fear, or bundled up with your inadequacies.  I read somewhere in the book that " the dream is real and this reality is the illusion"  When you begin to listen to the ego, rather than silencing it, you become depressed, sad, frightened and, well for lack of a better expression, "caught up in the world"

I began to sit in stillness and questions began to race through my mind.  Why have I always hated success?  Why do I always sabotage relationships?  Why do I go from being financially well off to scraping dollars together?  The book mentioned something knowing and that when you "know" something you are present in your highest self.  I then began to make a connection.  I read and article titled "What is Déjà Vu" by Art Markman, Ph.D.  Art stated, "The experience of déjà vu involves having that feeling of knowing in a situation in which you are experiencing something totally new"  I thought about what Daniel said about knowing and a theory began to jumble around in my head.  What if being in the highest self and knowing something allows you to dream its possibilities to the nth degree.  You are able to visualize a thing in your head so clear, either in a dream or a vision, and then at some point down the road you physically walk into that experience?  Déjà Vu.

My theory, very loosely based on the information in Daniels book as well as the article by Art suggest that maybe we created this dream or vision in our head so precisely that when it happens we get the "I've been here before" or "I have done that before".  I will take it a step further and say the more you practice the art of being in true self, the more Déjà Vu moments you will have.  I will also leap and say that maybe, just maybe those Déjà Vu moments are the things that let us know we are actually pursuing the right path.

I am not claiming fact, but rather listening in stillness to what the possibilities could be.  Déjà Vu has always fascinated me and I didn't really begin to experience it until my teens, thus making me feel that life is not as linear as we have been taught to believe.

Have you read the book?  How about the article?  If so, what are your thoughts and/or comments?

Until next time...


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