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See how cute i was...what the hell happened to me
And just like that it happens.  You lose your job--well its not like you lost it, it was there but barely. You resign.  You are not in your thirties and can't seem to hold a corporate job no matter how hard you try.  Money has never been your forte, but traveling has.  The economy seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. You are watching society crumble from all angles. Is it my fault...maybe so, but the truth is I can't sit around and watch my life deteriorate anymore.

I am disillusioned.  I spent way to much money on my education, only to be told "well thats the best we can do as far as pay"  Really?  You expect me to live on that?  Im sorry did I miss something?  I went to school because "statistics show that people who have a masters degree make more money"  More money than what? Minimum wage?  I applaud Seattle for bumping minimum wage to $15 an hour.

I saw this on Conservative Tribune (BTW if you read that online mag, please delete me immediately...I have no time for silly logic).

Business owners like Kathrina Tugadi of Seattle’s El Norte Lounge have already made plans, including not hiring musicians or anything that doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line – even saying that the business will likely not survive the wage hike when it goes into full effect.
Her business is one of many who operate on slim margins and can barely afford to hire new workers at the existing minimum wage— let alone $15 per hour.
The ordinance will quickly end in massive job loss and hours cut across the city, leaving people who once made $8 an hour with a new wage of $0 per hour.
For those of you that think "Raising the minimum wage will bankrupt your company, Wake up.  People who make more spend more.  It stimulates the economy.  People who make less spend less because they can't afford to do anything. It is economics 101 and if you need a lesson, google is littered with it. Yikes...I went off.  My point in all this, as Nick Hanauer so gracefully said, is that society cannot sustain this type of situation.
So...drum roll please!!!!!!
I believe this is dad and Pancho Villa's daughter
This guy knew how to travel

I am backpacking through India. (Hence why i put Dad in front of Taj Mahal, I hope to recreate that same scene)  Yes thats the big news.  No big corporate promotion at work.  I don't have a fiance.  No children that I know of (however being in india should be safe as I have not been with any indian women so therefore they won't come find me).
When...I leave the 9th.  Bought my ticket the other day.  Gonna be spending moment by moment quality time with my cousin Jake.  Do I have enough money?  For now I have enough to get by for 3 months if I don't overspend my budget.  Everyone thinks I'm nuts...well heres some news, if you didn't know that I am crazy by now, you obviously don't know me.  
I have been working since 12 and have nothing to show for it. Im truly tired of trying to "fit in".  I am an oddball and want to earn a living a different way. The world was never meant to live by the rules we currently live by.  We work at jobs we can't stand to put $100 a month away for a rainy day only to die of sheer exhaustion and lack of excitement.
I want something different. I want to live and see the world.  I want to experience all this life has to offer without sitting at desk staring at a computer screen.  I want to write.  I want to sing. I want to share greatness with others and break bread with AWESOME FUCKING PEOPLE.  I want to have a story at the end of my life, not a script aka "I graduated college, got my masters, got a wife, got a few kids, a house with a yard and retired"  I need something different, I need experience.  I need travel.  I blame my dad for that.  The most charismatic man I know.  Could send you to hell on a one way ticket and you would be happy going.
I want to get back to what I think is real.  Conversations, earth under my expectations and a grandiose dream in my head. A dream that one day we will realize what is good for us.  That money is a conduit, not a real thing. It makes the world go round in a sense that it helps you buy things that are necessary. Does it give you power? False power--yes.  
I look forward to the trip.  I am nervous as hell that I will fail again, but I have already done that enough to choke a donkey. I go now with the hope that I can do something different.  Enjoy each moment and make a small impact on those I meet along the way.  I don't want to be slave to the dollar any more.
If you interested in supporting the cause for food let me know and I will send you a request. You can consider it like a magazine subscription.

Sally struthers crying---"For $25.00 a month you can support poor starving writers in India, like the creature below"

Some common reactions to my decision have been:

"What's in India"

"Why India?"

"You are an idiot, what in the hell will you do in India for money??????"

"I hope you find what you are looking for"

"I just don't get you, your logic doesn't make sense"

I have heard all those plus some. Truth is I don't have the answers, I just seek some sense of enjoyment out of things. I am a gypsy. I am truly thankful for all who have supported me and believed in me. I will be updating the trip on Google + and blog so keep your eyes and emails open :-) If I don't have your email, get it to me please.

Until next time...


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