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Sunday Drive

As usual, I was pretty lazy yesterday.  I finally rolled out of my comfortable bed at 4PM.  Yes, I was absolutely slothish.  I woke up at 6am and fed the cats and made coffee and had breakfast, but I didn't feel like getting out of the suck known as my bed. I watched some Netflix and took a few naps.

When I finally dressed and got out the door, I went to McDonalds for a $1 cup of coffee an headed towards the coast.  The drive was perfect and the sun was slowly setting in the west.  The sun was consistently in my eyes, but after all the rain we have here in Oregon, It was a welcome blinding.

The drive out took about 45 minutes and I made sure to take in all the scenery and roll down the windows.  The moss on the trees is in full bloom and is somewhat magnificent. You can smell the freshness of the air up here.  There is no pollution per se because the pacific rains keep the air crisp and clean.  Its a much different environment than I have been used to in California.

The drive was really well pace and I dont think I broke 55 miles per hour the whole way out.  Instead of taking a left when getting to Mapleton and going to Florence at the T in the road, I took a right and drove 8 miles to Swisshome.  It is gorgeous and the Suislaw River runs right next to it.

The name of the town was conferred in honor of a local swiss family.  The post office here was established in 1902.  The Coos Bay Rail Link passes through Swisshome.  There are two bridges that you must check out, The Deadwood Creek bridge and the Wildcat Creek Bridge.  They are registered  in the National Register of Historic Places.  I wasn't able to check them out on this trip, but will do soon when I head back out and will for sure post photos of them.

Here are some photos I took while in Swisshome

On the way home, I decided to stop at a barbecue place I had seen driving out called Pops Gingerbread Smokehouse.  I ordered the brisket which was absolutely delicious as they prepare it in a vinegar barbecue sauce and it melts in your mouth.  I liked the flavor because it was not as sweet as traditional barbecue.  I highly recommend.  Sorry no food pics.  Im not a foodie like that.

Until next time...


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