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Blogger or Medium, or Both

Sunsets in the west
Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to Blogger and Medium.  I have decided that no matter how hard it is, I am going to write. I am a writer by nature and I need an outlet.  Between my personal journals and updates on facebook, instagram and twitter, I get lost sometimes as to where I should post my stuff.

Last year before India, I had shut down my blog, but got WAY too many responses to keep it going.  I killed my Instagram and Facebook and did most everything on Google +.  My good friend suggested that I start posting pics to Instagram and keep the blogs on Blogger.  I was considering giving up blogger again, but I just have a hard time walking away.  Plus I can write the content here and easily share it to google plus and medium with just a click.

The other factor that weighs in is that medium, to me anyway, is a very lightweight but powerful blogging tool. I seem to have good traction there and the stats are easy to find, here stats are okay, but the reads generated because of my following isnt' the best. I also have to keep in mind that not everyone likes facebook, or twitter or google plus or instagram.  For me, I want to reach the maximum number of people I can within all the mediums available.

I am also returning to my roots of inspiration and positivity.  My writings will be geared towards uplifting people and helping them overcome.  That is my path in this life.  I have always said I am "Here to Help" and thats all I can do.  I definitely don't have all the answers, but I have perspective and sometimes that perspective can be the difference in someones life between sinking further or rising above all the shit that is out there.  Im not going to be 100% right all the time, but maybe my perspective will help you. Maybe you and I looking at your problem will give you the way to attack the problem from another angle and therefore overcome that obstacle.

Chad Flinn, a fantastic writer on Medium shared this and its so true:
I honestly do love helping people.
 I have a natural instinct to want to help. People never have to ask twice. I am usually agreeing or suggesting I help before the story comes out of their mouth.
 I also have a habit of burning myself out. I stretch myself beyond my capabilities and over commit.
I find this to be so true.  I love to help people but have a hard time saying "no" because I overextend myself. I have to pick my battles.  I have to really be intuitive and figure out which ones are worth "fighting" and which ones merit a "fuck off".  As I have said before, there are people who don't truly want help, they just want someone to bitch at---constantly.  Those are the ones I have to be leary of because if you were to look at a graph of progress before we worked together and 6 months later, It would look like a straight line or a continually negative sloping line.

My point in all this is I am pushing myself to a higher writing standard, regardless of readership.  I will pick things to write about and hopefully inspire others.  My goal as a writer was not to get bogged down in my shit, but sometimes, life has a way of ovherwhelming you. So with that said, I am here to help and hope you can find some greatness in my writings.  I am love and will continue to love...myself and all my readers.

Until next time...
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