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Loving my Chromebook

So about 6 months ago I sold my macbook.  I was a die hard mac fan and always had the latest and greatest.  I started with a white macbook and used it until the aluminum body came out.  I was one of the first to get the aluminum body macbook fully loaded.  I added RAM and Storage because you could never be too sure about your data. After that it was macbook air because I liked the 13 inch display.   At the time, I had lots of pictures, primarily stored on picasa (now google photos) and all my music was in itunes. I was an office junkie and always upgraded anytime Microsoft came out with a new product. I finished my macbook run with a macbook air 11 because I liked the size and weight.

When I decided to sell, I thought about downgrading to a windows machine.  I had found a couple that would fit my budget and didn't have too much stuff, but just enough.  I went to best buy and they had the usual windows displays of computers.  I was deciding on two models, an HP and a Toshiba.  I paused for a minute and said, "Let me go just look at the Chromebooks".

When I was shown the Chromebook section, it was pretty close to the mac section.  They had two white models, an 11" and the 15.6 (as shown above).  I began to play around with the display unit.  I logged into my gmail and all of my bookmarks and pages synced up.  They had put in a nice file manager and I fidgeted with it for a bit.  I was able to see all my folders in google drive. I was even able to see all the photos in google drive ordered by year.  Sold.

I thought to myself, "why do I need anything more than this".  I am always connected to the internet and if I am not, well I can just use docs offline.  Works for me.  All of my music resides in google play music and has for many years.  I subscribe to the 9.99 a month fee and download all the music I want.  They have a great selection of new and used.

The best part of it all, I picked this unit up for $239.00.  That was about $100 cheaper than the windows unit I was looking at.  I can't say there is anything I really miss about my macbook, except the really high pricetag, and after using my chromebook, I can say I definite don't.  This unit is fast to book, fast to shut down, ties in nicely with my android device and for what I use it for, writing, browsing the internet and watching netflix, its perfect.

If you are a heavy photo editor or music maker, this device probably won't work for you, however if you are sending the occasional email, tweet or facebook status, listening to music and watching movies, this device (the chromebook in general) is perfect for you.  If you are concerned about all of your stuff on Microsoft office, dont worry, because google drive (docs, spreadsheets and presentations) has a converter.  If you are at all concerned about losing photos or music, then hit me up.  I can definitely help.

I am super happy with my chromebook and if I tried, I could probably find some problems, but for six months, I have been worry free.  Also if you are ever worried about corruption or want to start over with a clean slate, you can always do a powerwash :-)

Until next time

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