Amazing People On My Journey: Javier Cazares

So a few years ago I decided to write about the amazing people I have met along this journey.  So far I have failed miserably.  I haven't been putting my self out there enough.  I got caught up in life and started thinking I could "make a difference" rather than just enjoying and appreciating the ride and drinking in this consciousness like a fine wine or tasting it like a delicious asiago garlic pasta.

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Javier Cazares.  As many of you know I am amazing friends with Sean Toohey (Tooheys Ties) and have been for sometime.  He came into my life around 2012/13 and I can honestly say I love him so much.  His energy, his story, and who he has become since I met him. Not one thing about him is fake and since the day I have met him, I love his hustle.

This weekend he introduced me to Javier (facebook and instagram).  I put those links there for a reason...follow him. 

I didn't know what to expect when I drove up to Burbank on Friday.  Sean was like, "Hey you will get to meet Javier".  I didn't know what to expect.  Wasn't sure if he was going to be some crazy eccentric, or some lover of fashion, a fire starter, an elite socializer, or a father who hustles 5 days a week.  He was all that an more. 

Friday night he took us to dinner at Harry's in Burbank.  He told us about some new lights he had put in.  He was explaining with passion and drive how he had meetings with the owners to convince them to put the new lighting in to really increase visibility within the store.  When I stepped in, I couldn't believe the sight.  It made the restaurant sparkle in a 1960s kind of way that made you happy to know that you would be dining at such an establishment. It lit up the entire restaurant from the street so that it literally "pops" from the road.  As Javier was describing the work he had to do and how proud he was, I could tell he was a story teller and a connector, like myself.  I knew there would be magic, friendship and love. 

After his gracious offering of dinner, we went out dancing at an after party in Pasadena.  Everyone looked amazing, both Sean and Javier and they OWNED the club that night.  You could feel the energy as they were dancing on the floor and people wanted to be around them.  We danced the night away in this latin club like it was the last night we would be alive (as we all should live this life).  We didnt' care who was watching, we just let the music enter in and move us uncontrollably.

The next day we thought we were going to say our goodbyes to Javier and then POP, an event landed in our laps.  Martinis and Lamborghinis.  We paid our $40 donation to Virgin to support the BVI rebuild and just like that, we were cruising in my Altima to this amazing event in La Jolla.  I got to learn more about Javier and his kids and his hustle.  We finished the evening at Dinis in Carlsbad and got a room at the local motel six (3 men in a queen). 

The next morning at breakfast I was able to delve into Javier a little more.  I loved hearing about how he raised his 4 boys and you could just see him light up when talking about it.  He also discussed how he loves getting dirty Monday through Friday, so that he may enjoy his weekends. He opened up with me about how "Sean wasn't lying when he said you are going to love Chad".  In describing his love for like minded people he shared how amazing it is to find those connections and how they gravitate towards you.

As I sat there, I snapped some candids of this wonderful human describing his life and how he lost his parents at such a young age and still THRIVES. He was bound to not let circumstances dictate his life.  He goes out and hustles everyday and his fire lights up a room.

Im blessed to meet such an amazing human.  He inspired/inspires me to challenge myself to be better on the daily. To look at the challenges as opportunities and that if you can make one person smile or laugh, you are doing a damn good thing in this world.  Im thankful to add Javier to the fold, and vice versa. 

Until next time...


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