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The should be rules for Uber & Lyft (from a driver)

There are lots of things as a ride share driver that make me batshit crazy.  Can we clear the air and make the ride share business more enjoyable for both of us?  These simple rules should be adhered to all the time. These are in no particular order

Do not pin drop!That shit is annoying and causes us (the drivers) to have to spend a shit load of time trying to find you.  If you are at a friends house, ask for the damned address...stop being lazy. If your at a starbucks, type in "Starbucks on 5th".  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look for an addressPut your live sharing on!Stop being so anti tech.  We need to know where you are.  We don't get paid for time (we do but its criminal so fuck that, don't make us wait) the easier it is to find you the easier our day is going to go.Don't try and do a Pool or a shared ride with 3 people!Matter of fact, if you are doing less than a 20 minute ride, don't do that shit. Save us the headache of NOT getting any m…