1998-12-21-Writing again after time...

Time to write again. Here it is almost 2 years since i started this Colorado Journey. So much has happened. I am married, I closed a failing personal training business, changed careers (again) and seem to be no better off than I was 2 years ago.

My cycle is repeating. I am again $18,000 in debt. $10K more than 2 years ago. Have I not learned anything????? I need to find myself, my center again. Who am I? What am I all about? Stop your fakeness and become real and happy. No more spending. The bad news of it all is that Maryann and I will not be able to go on a honeymoon. Any money we make has to go back to her father. Enough...Life is good. no more false me. Meditate. Become one with the world. Stop Falsifying your life and become what you are destined to be

Until next time...


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