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to grasp, to breath, to die

One can not be a writer and merely write. I sit here and watch "The end of the tour".  I face the reality that I write to clear my head or maybe I chase an idea that catches fire in my neurons and from there it becomes a semi obsession to pontificate about how obsessed I am about the idea.

I remember in my life driving by the pacific ocean. Seeing the light reflect off the crystalized surface like gold knives piercing the surface. The moment cannot be replicated and maybe others say it looks completely different, maybe it looks like  silver and they are coins not daggers. Perspective can be everything or nothing at all. 

We place meaning on things that have none. Our existence is somewhat of a rarity in itself.  We schmectatize our life's work by saying I want to be this thing or that thing and we are succumbing to a life less about meaning and more about existence. We focus on the end of a thing rather than being in the thing.  Like swimming in a pool and realizing it i…

Traveling, Traveling and More Travel

So luckily this month has started off busy, although I knew I was going to be busy. Lucky for me I am booked all the way until December 21st.  I really needed the boost since I had minimal work in August and October.  I am not complaining by any means because I was able to take the time off and go to burning man.  I feel like the universe opened that opportunity up for me and I am forever grateful. 
My trip this week was in Orlando.  I admit I haven't been down there in many years, 10 to be exact. I was working at the Hilton Orlando and for all intents and purposes, they did a magnificent job from my vantage point. They fixed any issues that arose in my room in a very timely manner and were friendly and warm at every event. The weather was good and I believe the only really warm day was Wednesday, but since we were inside, it didn't affect us.  Wednesday night I had the opportunity to go with the group to House of Blues and we had the pleasure of listening to some old 90'…

Movie Review: Joker ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2 out of 5

Let me start by saying I love this poster as it reveals to me the depth and breadth of this movie in a single photo.  I love myopic(nearsighted) films centered on a character.  I feel that up close half face shots are so relevant and you see so much in the expression and possibly what is to come. It can often be a pensive look, or a mischievous one, but I feel that so much is said.

Let me continue by saying that Joaquin is by far one of my favorite actors. I feel he is versatile, adaptable and very pliable. I have seen him in so many roles and loved him in each one. He makes the mundane, explorable. He makes the boring, tolerable and in general he breathes life into any character he attempts.  He makes the character come to life and is relatable and will draw you in.

In viewing all the adaptations, I have appreciated all the versions of the joker, beginning with Nicholson in Burtons adaptation, to the unforgettable Ledger in Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan.  I even appreciated the a…

Catch Flights Not Feelings

I have been ruminating on this saying for weeks now.  I must be completely honest, it doesn't sit well with me. I too used to think it was safer to hop on plane and go see some part of the world that I had never seen before---solo.  This was the safe way for me to not get hurt.  This was the way for me to run away from feelings of being hurt after a relationship or an attempted one.  This was a way for me to go someplace new and experience something completely different.

I feel like this is a catch phrase of this generation.  There are two sides to every coin.  Many will say, lead the life of solo exploration and experience this vast planet by yourself and love every moment.  The other side says, a content life with a partner is a great way to explore because the memories.  I often think about all the photos I take and "who will I share them with".  After I am gone, if I am solo, my legacy ends at the end of my life.  If I have a partner, with kids, adopted or otherwise…

Burning Man 2019-Metamorphasis: My Experience

So I decided several months back to go to burning man. Actually like 3 years ago, but never pursued it until my best friend Noah contacted me and asked if I would want to volunteer this year at Burner Express.  I told him I would love to and he got me on the list. Because of somewhat unfortunate situation, Tori, Noah's wife wasn't able to attend this year so I became a Sparkle Pony by going with Noah in his Trailer (yes it had air conditioning, sheets, restroom and a small shower). Now I wasn't completely unprepared as Noah had guided me and made me a list of things I would need.  I came prepared in that sense, I just didn't make it an effort to go my first year in a tent. (See Urban Dictionary's def of Sparkle Pony)

I will break down this blog by the day, starting with travel day. I will post some photos and my usual commentary on this incredible event.
Wednesday, August 21
Departure Day from Eugene.  My flight left Eugene later in the day.  I traveled out on Unit…