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Reflections, On the Road Again, and Reactions

So I turn 48 this year.  I know its hard to believe I look this good and am 48.  I'm kidding.  I am happy to say I am at a place where I am content with my life.  I am happy with the friends I have secured, the relationships I have been in and the people I have met. I was very suprised that I wasn't more devastated by my break up, but I guess I am just real with myself.  I felt she wasn't committed anymore so I "peace'd the fuck out". I have started to realize the value of time. I have realized that I can't waste time on someone that didn't really care.  I have realized that every minute I waste thinking about something that wasn't, are moments I can't get back.
I have committed myself to work on the road, because it is the only thing that really loves me. It never complains, argues, or is sad, it accepts me as I am.  I realized that I will not be retiring.  That is not me. I need to keep myself healthy and work until my days on this planet a…

First Time in Rome

I arrived into Rome's Fiumicino Airport on the 2nd.  I was beyond tired on this day.  I didn't sleep at all on the plane and thought I was going to get an hour nap in before the meeting.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Upon arrival I was greeted by the awesome bellman who took my luggage to storage.  After checking in, I was told my room would be ready and they would text me, I never received the text.

The Room was very spacious. The property was just purchased a year ago by Marriott and had been named the Palazzo Naiadi.  I really loved the location and it was a short walk to many of the big tourist attractions in the city.  After work we decided to meet downstairs and go grab dinner.  We were all starving and didn't eat much for lunch.    We went to this cool pizza joint recommended by the concierge.  I loved everything about the restaurant, but the fountain below caught my eye.  Apparently it is one of the oldest flowing fountains in the area and the water was in…