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Documentary: I am Patrick Swayze

So this morning on glancing at twitter, which i truly loathe at this point for all the media crap on there, I happened to catch a glimpse of something that caught my attention.  Lately nothing catches my attention or piques my interest, but on this particular morning there was some chatter about a great documentary about Patrick Swayze. 
I found myself reading all the reviews/quick write ups on twitter and couldn't help but want to view it for myself.  I went to the Paramount app (iOS or Android).  You can also download it for your laptop or smartTV here: Paramount.  After a quick download, I began watching this fantastic documentary told by his co workers and friends and wife.  I will let you know that this is NOT commercial free which is probably good to give you time to wipe up your tears and compose yourself.
Yes I know I am an overly sympathetic and emotional being, but this documentary touched me in a positive and humbling manner.  Patrick Swayze was a great human being tha…

Untitled 8/18/19

I awake at 415 every day
I feel this day as the day before
workout, have my coffee
forget my goals and visions and let the days pass by

Im not negative, just not hopeful
The days will happen as they will
Im not in charge and all the good will and thoughts
wont change that

Comfort zones and change are what need stimulation
but when you don't know what you want to do
or what you want to try,
its impossible to spread your wings and fly

I knew what I wanted, My heart knew what it needed
but now, its a void
or a blank canvas

I am one of the lost, maybe the only one
I never wanted to grow up and still don't
I don't see a point
No one ever asked me what I wanted to be when i grew up

Happiness isn't a journey
its tiny moments that make you smile
they don't last nor should they
as the struggle is the beauty of it all

We as humans rebound from the tragedies
and they help us grow
We put one foot in front of the other and move
I dont like being stuck, the quicksand has me


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Meditation and what I got wrong....

So those of you that follow me are chomping at the bit for the next article.  I can feel it.  I have been without a computer for a few weeks.  I ordered a new ChromeBook.  It is the YogaBook C630 (kind of ironic because my article will be about meditation. Anyhow, the Chrome Book came today and I have some articles in my head.  This particular one will be about meditation and if any of you have ever had a conversation with me about this, you know my stance.

For years I taught that Meditation is for clearing the mind.  Its for removing the thoughts and the fears that are coming up within you.  I was wrong and I wholeheartedly admit that.  I gave you bad information.  The true purpose of meditation is to realize what comes up within you and to sit with that.  Its about finding your quiet space and listening to your body. Uncomfortable thoughts, sad ideas, angry thoughts about a loved one or family member. 

Many of you know that I have followed Mark Manson for a long time.  He is not a g…

Reflections, On the Road Again, and Reactions

So I turn 48 this year.  I know its hard to believe I look this good and am 48.  I'm kidding.  I am happy to say I am at a place where I am content with my life.  I am happy with the friends I have secured, the relationships I have been in and the people I have met. I was very suprised that I wasn't more devastated by my break up, but I guess I am just real with myself.  I felt she wasn't committed anymore so I "peace'd the fuck out". I have started to realize the value of time. I have realized that I can't waste time on someone that didn't really care.  I have realized that every minute I waste thinking about something that wasn't, are moments I can't get back.
I have committed myself to work on the road, because it is the only thing that really loves me. It never complains, argues, or is sad, it accepts me as I am.  I realized that I will not be retiring.  That is not me. I need to keep myself healthy and work until my days on this planet a…