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Past Events: 2006 and the Playa Bonita Resport & Spa

So its 2006 and I am super excited.  I just got offered to work an event at this gem of a location:

Playa Bonita Resort & Spa

I am sure many of you are saying, "Oh Wow, You lead such a glorious life", but let me tell you the whole story before you start swooning.

I had just moved back to San Diego from an epic fail of a move to Bradenton in my quest for becoming better or doing better or trying to move up the social scale.  I didn't know what I was going to do for work and was feeling the pressure from my fiancee at the time to "find a job".  It was bad enough that I had to move back home with my tail between my legs, what was worse was that I had to sell everything in the process and had no prospects for work.  I put out there that I was going to do some event logistics again.

About a week after I put it out there, in December, I got a call from a good buddy of mine who asked if I wanted to work a program in Panama.  I said absolutely.  He gave me the dates an…