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Great realization this morning. My perception is often skewed not reality. Bad days are days when perception has run awry.

Work was wierd. I couldn't find my groove. At one point I had 10 tables. It was hard and one of the tables got the wrong food which Tracy comped. I was mad because I was so busy. My perception was off and I kept having negative doubts about me and my life.

I think i am doing okay at thwarting my minds effort to convince me that life was bad.

Until next time...


Not a great day. I filled out resumes and completed as much as I could today. I realized I am not driven because my parents never pushed me. I need more of the driving force like Fatima. I get bored very easy and lose attention span quickly.

This could be part of the reason I cannot find a career I like. I hope in recognizing this pattern that it may help me for decisions in the future. Anyhow, i sleep now...

Until next time...


I realize in looking back, I lack direction and focus. I have had a million ideas and non have ever florished. I tend to get distracted and not realize what I really want. I need to set focus andd direction goals. Focus on one things and become really good at it. Direct my energies towards work. My direction shall be pursuing real estate. I want to pay off my debt by years end. I want to be debt free and start looking for a place for fatima and I. I need to stop minimizing my problems and know that they are real.

Fatima cheers me up and is a wonderful woman. I was very upset today because I couldn't go visit my mom and Christina...bummer. However, this is not the direction or tone of my life. Just a bad day. Learn to accept, love and move on. I love me.

until next time...