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1 and done?

So as I prepare to leave india, I have to say it has been an experience.  There have been some magical moments and some moments that I wish never existed.  I have seen the good and simplistic lives the people here desire to live.  They live all their lives well below their means and they are a proud people.  They love to show off photos and they are blown away by the fact that I am from USA.  I find that the more you listen and shut the fuck up with your own expectations, that is where the magic of india begins. From the start, i had grand intentions of seeing all of india and spending months here, but rather got stuck in my fear and stayed in my comfort zone.  I didn’t go to all the places I wanted to see or do the things that I wanted to do, but that is okay because India will wait for me.  She gave me a taste of her magical deliciousness and the smells, the sights the sounds and for all the bad I saw, I felt her good, deep within the spirit of my soul.  There were magical moments …

May 20 A month of India

So I start this writing as I start many others, deep in the thought of what should be, vs what is.  My life is going exactly as it should.  I am right on par with my budget, maybe slightly off because of a few nice meals here and there.  I thought I would have enough to last for 3 months or 4 but I way underestimated my needs in that regard.  My budgetary skills failed me. Regardless it has been fun and I have seen a lot.

The train from Delhi to Chennai was 32 hours. When I first boarded the train, i thought there is no way I will make it, however, after time and just accepting what was, I settled in. I got some food and snacks at the train station to keep my hunger at bay.  I did try a new snack which is identical to a cheeto, but set up with all the masala spice…yowza was it good.  I ate the whole bag the first night and the second day I stopped a food guy with chips to see if he had more.  He did and I was in love with the masala-ol (like cheeto, but my new word).  Its like a dru…

Reflections in India, my trip so far

So most of you have seen the google plus updates.  I haven't been adding many lately as I have just been regrouping at the hostel. With temperatures in the 100s, it is hard to do anything outside for long periods of time without lots of shade and lots of water.

At my last hostel, I met a friend named Mark and we spent lots of time hanging out, eating, suffering the heat and enjoying the pillow room (Mark hasn't seen the best of it as the projector and sound were set up yesterday---AMAZING).  I have to say that I know for certain that Mark and I will be mates for a while.  I knew when meeting him that he and I just hit it off.  Our conversations were good and he's got a great heart.  We spent lots of time talking about our travels and the places we have been.  We stopped at mcdonalds often to get ice cream and we consumed mass quantities of water.  He offered great insight into things that I would normally never thought about.  We had great laughs and he got addicted to So…