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a new wheel, a cat, a helmet, a fork and some flats

So it was the 36th annual "Midnight madness ride" last night at midnight. My friend Noah and I decided to do it last minute, once I was able to locate a new wheel for his bike. I searched and finally found a great one at Bicycle discovery in Pacific Beach on Friday. With a little maneuvering, I was able to get the wheel in and locked down.
So yesterday we were gearing up to head down, and I was showing Noah the computer i put on his bike. I had the front door open because I was going to head out and start loading the bikes. Unknown to me, my sneaky cat precious, really likes being outside and before I could say,"Great googly moogly", she was out the door and the chase began. I chased her to and fro and back and forth and finally she trapped herself under the crawlspace of the other house on my property. Trusty noah grabbed the flashlight to help me get her out. Trying to make up for lost time, We ran her to the house and shut the door.
As we left in a hurry, …