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Pokemon Go: An Observation

I commend the company that started this craze exactly 13 days ago. I mean i'm all for it. It took a video game to get people off of their asses, to go outside and actually see what sunlight looks like and to explore their towns and cities.

I mean it is a miracle that people are using this app to see the world they live in rather than sitting inside waiting for life to happen. I am glad it took a video game to make people walk around and stare at their phones and see whatever it is going on inside that world (truth: I don’t play nor will I ever-so I don’t really know what the hell is going on). What I do see is that here in Eugene, at any given point and time, is that you can have people staring at their phones, sometimes in groups, waiting for the next event, not necessarily being social, just staring like robots at their phone.

What would make this game great is if you could do the same thing in real life, but as someone is walking down the street waiting for the next event, It po…