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How do you live in gratitude?

So I don't check my facebook near as often as I used to.  It used to be an hourly/half hour ritual for me.  I took the app off my phone and only check it like once or twice a day, tops.  I looked yesterday morning and happened to find something from a great friend.  It has become my life personified.  Its from my great friend Marshall Crawford.  Marshall was instrumental in 2010 in me keeping my sanity.  We met via a mutual friend on facebook after I visited his favorite breakfast spot (and soon to be mine) A Little Moore Coffee Shop.

Marshall was going through his own hell at the time and had relocated to a small 1 bedroom apartment, close to the coffee shop.  After chatting for a bit, he and I realized that we were both movie nuts as well as whiskey/scotch connoisseurs. Marshall didn't have much, but he always seemed to make time for dinner or some special whiskey moments.  It was a blast and we have remained in contact since.

Here is what Marshall posted:

When you look ahe…