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Helping the Homeless

So I stopped by the 7-11 on the 101 in Oceanside this morning to get my last cup of coffee before heading home. On the way in, I noticed a gentlemen sitting by his bike with two bags filled with what looked like crushed aluminum cans. He was dirty but his smile was heartwarming. I went inside and poured myself a quick cup of blueberry coffee ( I know it sounds random, but if you add two stok shots and a few vanilla latte international delight creamers, you have yourself a winner). I went to the register and paid for my refill. I always try to bring a cup with me as I don't like use new cups. It just seems like a waste and better for the environment if you you bring your own.

On my way out, the gentleman next to the bike said something.

I asked, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you," as I smiled

He said, "Can you spare some change"

I responded, "I don't give money because I don't feel that would help. Have you eaten this morning?"

He responded with…