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todays the day

Okay so today is the day that we prep our first order for our first client. Talk about nervous...i know everything will be fine but you can feel the pressure. You believe in your product and you talk it up to everyone. You sell the benefit of your service over the competitors. Then it happens, you get that first signed contract in hand. The day approaches and you have to fulfill that order. You face the world strong and know you can do this. Tensions are high, but adrenaline is higher. You drive your worries, your scared inhibitions into the ground and you push on, like a tractor. Its how business gets done, don't sweat the small things. Get out there and keep doing what you know is the right and good thing to do. Believe in yourself and whatever it is you sell.

Here is one of my favorites by eminem... Although his situation is regarding music, i think it applies to all of us in some way. Especially if you have every started your own company or you are at all involved …

bought a new camera

So i have been reviewing and re reviewing, pricing and re-pricing and finally decided to make the plunge. I have had my eye on the d40 by Nikon for a while now. 50% of the people say go canon and 50% swear by nikon. Both are fantastic cameras, to canon's credit, flesh tones are better with their processor. Nikon has better colors and landscapes. I like the d40 because of its ease of use. Fast set up and easy downloads. I can download all my photos into picasa in just a few minutes, and have them uploaded to picasa web a few minutes after that.

I have installed picture project and it is a tie between picasa and picture project. They both have great features. Picasa has the "I'm feeling lucky" feature for 1st timers and beginners who aren't avid photo takers. Takes the risk out of ruining a picture. Nikon's picture project is almost as simple to use and works very well also. Try both out and see which one you like the best. I fool with both so i can…

Jamaica----Now i get Bob Marley

I didn't know what to expect coming to Jamaica. I was sure that i was going to get island life service with a smile. What i didn't realize is that i would find one of the strongest connections to the planet in my life on this amazing island. The people here are not rich with worldly posessions, but rather rich with joy and love.

While down here and talking to the locals, i found out that Ziggy Marley, One of the marley boys, has come out with a song that many if not all of the locals can relate to.  It is called "Love is my religion".  The minute i heard the song i knew that I had found something amazing.  I believe it to be my motto.  I choose not to live in fear, in hate, in greed, in jealousy, in animosity, but rather in love.  Love conquers all things and is the most powerful force in the universe.  I am blessed by all that i have in my life, friends, family, business partners and new acquaintances.   If you haven't been to jamaica, i would recommend it.  …

So I am sitting in an airport in Charlotte...

So here i am en route to Montego Bay Jamaica. I am sitting next to the funniest queen in the world.Charles, but everyone knows him as chuck. Been gay his whole life and loves attention. God forbid you walk into a room and steal attention from this will get her in a tissy.
I am on my way to doing two back to backs, after this, i head to the Bahama's for a week and then off for the month of March. The program in San Diego was a success and I can say i am blessed because of the friends i have in this life. This program in Jamaica will be a bit more challenging. The program requires a lot of on site planning, and many hours of hard work. I will be there with a decent staff and that will be enlightening. Although, i am not sure what Chucks role will be...queen of the island perhaps.
Life is great and you have to enjoy every ounce of it. The program i just worked was a dream, fantastic client, great hours and staff is never an after thought. My company is progressi…