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to a lost friend

My cat tigher ran away on saturday.  Man do i miss her.  Her little personality makes me miss her immensely.  She completed this family. The other girls are missing her too.  Just today pepper came up to me and meowed.  I swear i heard her say, "where is tigher?"  I started crying because I couldn't give her the right answer...i just had to tell her that she got out cause dad didn't lock the door. Here are some pics if anyone knows where she is or has seen her, please call me at 760-500-0919 or home at 760-542-2206.

something NOT to do

I very rarely give movies a bad rap, unless they just suck. Well my suckiest movie of 08 goes too the above mentioned movie.

this is possibly the worst movie ever made. I can only tell you what it has from my perspective. No plot, no identifiable cast, no overall storyline, horrible dialogue between cast, and the ability to make me want to sleep in 5 minutes of the movie.

They usurped Omar Shariff into narrating and I can honestly say, they would have done better having Vince Vaughn or Wil Ferrel narrate it. The movie felt like it was 4 hours long (thank god it was only two).
My friend Noah and i walked out of there thoroughly disgusted. We thought we would give it a chance and see even though critics banned it and now i know why. Hey here is a novel idea, how bout making an artistic guess about what that time frame may have been like and don't try to hollwoodize it. This movie could have been harry met sally two, or the letter two. Boy meets girl, boy tells girl he will neve…