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Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

I have to say the story behind this was great and makes you realize how much you have here in this life, but i was turned off by the under riding love theme that existed. The underlying premise is about soul mates. The main character kept getting drawn back into this one girls life.

It was a bit long at times and the story tie ins with the millionaire sequence were good, but for once i would like to see a movie not "hollywoodize" a film. The love story under riding drove me a little batty.
I would say see this movie for the cinematography and story...keep at an arms distance the "Soul mate" thing going on. Actors were great, the girl in this movie is astoundingly beautiful. Wait til it comes out on DVD.

Movie Review: The Wrestler

Okay, can i just say that mickey rourke should have won something for this amazing performance. I loved Sean Penn in "Milk" but i actually drew some tears during this movie. He did a fantastic job and I couldn't tell where mickey began and "Ram" began.

This was a really raw performance and very gripping. I was able to relate to this on a very real level. Basically he gave up everything for wrestling and after a medical condition forced him to retire, he realized what he thought was important in his life.
The characters were very believable and i took an interest in Mickey becoming a part of society again. I liked the performance by Evan Rachel Wood and I don't care what anyone says, Marissa Tomei is no way Jose a day over 30 with a body like that.
This movie is raw, real and will make anyone take stock in their own life. Check it out, I promise you will enjoy it and if nothing else, it will make you appreciate your situation a lot more

More tidbit stuff to make the journey smooth....

How many times have you needed to send a fax when you are on the road? How many times have you just needed to send a document without being charged hotel fees or 9.99 per month through one of the faxing services out there?

Well here is your answer.

This is a great company that lets you send up to 2-3 page faxes per day to the US and canada. They send you a handy message to let you know that the fax has successfully or unsuccessfully been sent.

I know this is a blessing because most of the faxing I ever need to do is normally never more than 3 pages and only one or two a week if that.

go to Input your name, email and a return fax if you have one voila... Nothing to sign up for, no contracts and no commitments.

Have a blessed day. :-)


Its my fault. I think it is my state of mind. I convinced myself that it would be okay to have a few glasses of champagne last night. Wrong. I stopped drinking not necessarily because i have a problem, but because my system doesn't process alcohol efficiently and in the process of removing it from my system, there are negative ions that surround my being that i can't shake.

Today, everything was a struggle. Problems left and right, responding to things rather than getting em done. I felt behind the 8 ball all day. Emotions were off the chart negative. I am once again reminded why i don't drink. The negative factor is too great for me to work around. I need a clear head to be able to logically look at my problems and alcohol takes that distinction away from me.

I know tomorrow will be better and the day after that even better, its just hard when you are in it. It is hard to pull yourself out of the funk and move on...move past.

I will nap now and regroup. Hopefull i…

I love my iPhone

Make your own ringtones.

OK I have confirmed with I Tunes it is possible to make a ringtone with ITunes only. The problem is the bits and pieces on how to do it is scattered on the web or posts so after hours of multiple forum research and since I beleive buying a song once is enough I will take the time to explain how I did this.

First, find the song you want in your I tunes library.

Secondly, format the file to ACC “AND MAKE SURE” when you set the time interval it is no longer than 30 seconds. If 30 seconds is too long, cut it down to 29. You can also use 15 seconds or 10, there is no limit to the lower end, just can't go over 30 seconds. if you need instructions on how to make it 30 seconds or less, and formatting it look here

once you have your clip as an m4a file change the extension to m4r, and import it to your ringtones and simply sync.( easiest way to do this is to …

Breakfast at Richard Walkers

Decided to have breakfast at the above mentioned location. If you haven't been there, it is in San Diego and offers exceptional value for the dollar. I saw it walking downtown and decided to stop in and try something different ( a motto i recommend to all my friends). I was seated right away and got my own table outside and in a nice temperature of about 62 degrees.

I was greeted right away by the server and he got me started with a piping hot cup of coffee (by the way, if you don't know it, you are on notice...I LOVE COFFEE). I ordered a cheese, bacon and tomato omlet, light on the bacon. I also got a glass of fresh orange juice. I realize now that this breakfast can be split by two people, one person could not possibly eat all this food in one sitting.

My review:

Service: top notch, friendly staff and very attentive to their tables

Entree: Bacon, tomato and 2 cheese omlette (cheddar and swiss). Exceptionally prepared, light and fluffy with an interesting texture. Extrem…

In these times of hurt and challenge...

I just got a message from a long time friend whom I have known since the seventh grade. She has had trouble sleeping and is stressed in her current situation. She and her husband were both layed off. This has to be tough considering they have children. I imagine this is something that is plaguing all of america at this time.I am reminded of a song by

"A Fine Frenzy"
Hope for the hopeless...
Stitch in your knitted browand you don't know howyou're gonna get it outcrushed under heavy chesttrying to catch your breathbut it always beats you by a step, all right nowmaking the best of itplaying the hand you getyou're not alone in thisthere's hope for the hopelessthere's hope for the hopelessthere's hopecold in a summer breezeyeah, you're shiveringon your bended kneestill, when you're heart is soreand the heavens pourlike a willow bending with the storm, you'll make itrunning against the windplaying the cards you getsomething is bound to givethe…

If you search hard enough, you are bound to find...

Well as we all know, if you search hard enough for something you will find it. I guess its just the curious nature of us being human. We sometimes need to know something, anything about a person or even to just find a person that may have been a part of our past. That is what facebook and myspace are all about, right? We connect with old high school or junior high friends to acquire information about their life and hope that they are well. We see pictures of their family now, reminisce about days of glory past and move on.l

Tonight I just happened to be curious and looked up an old friend of mine. Two people with the same name popped up in facebook. I looked at friends to see if i recognized any old acquaintances and no one really stuck out. I scrolled a little further and froze. There on the screen was a picture of my ex wife. I knew then it was the friend I was looking for.

I began to think about that life that i walked away from almost 10 years ago. I thought of my beliefs…

Sex and Death 101

Just before he's to marry Fiona, Roderick Blank receives an anonymous e-mail with 101 names on it; Fiona's is the 29th, the first 28 are women Rod has slept with, and the 30th turns out to be the stripper at his bachelor party. The notion that he will have sex with 70 more people sends Rod into crisis mode, especially after three odd men in an aseptic office confirm that a celestial machine has made an error. They suggest destroying the list, but Rod finds that easier said than done. Working his way through it consumes him, plus he realizes that death may await him after #101. Meanwhile, a femme fatale nicknamed Death Nell is putting men into a coma. Are they fated to meet?
So this was the premise of the movie that i just watched and to my amazement, it was actually quite good. The basic premise is that the Simon Baker, about to get married, gets a list of all the women he has slept with and will sleep with before death. I found it to be quite interesting to think about guys …

10 things to recession proof your life...

I was driving home the other day and i was remembering what someone said on the air. I think he was a financial specialist. He was taking calls and people were saying they were not buying into the recession. Many who read this blog will say, that isn't possible, but it is. Every where we turn, we are hearing of downsizings and closings. Companies are laying off at enormous rates and people just aren't spending. I started thinking about it and here are 10 things i can suggest to recession proof yourself

1. Stop reading the paper and watching the news. There is (so far) nothing good to be gained by that. All you will find on there are statistics of who is laying off, how bad the economy is and other things to worry about. By eliminating the middle man, you can live in peace. Many of you will say, i have to know the news, there is no way i can go without it. I say do you truly need it or are you looking for a gossip outlet. This way you can get to work and crowd the w…

Amazingly blessed...

Sometimes when i look at my life and really analyze it, i realize how blessed i am and it makes me cry. The amazing friends i have made who chime in at all the right moments, the journeys i have been on, and the sights i have seen. Its not tears of sadness, its tears of joys from all of the blessings that i have in my life.

My three kitties were so excited to see me. I look in their eyes and I swear i have a hard time holding back all of the tears. I feel the love they give me on a daily basis. They in some wierd way realize that i have to work, but when i do come home, they are so happy to see me.

I leave this blog simple and thankful. I am going to see Greg Laswell tonight so I paste the words in hopes that his music will move you as much as it does me...

I'm going to see some friends from out of state
The very trip that you were supposed to take a while
But it fell through
Like all of you
Like all of you

Thought i'd make the drive but a free plane ride is in
the air
And jus…

a blessing and an honor

So i was just about to hit the sack tonight. I was just thinking about my little cousin Jake the other morning hopeing he was okay. He decided to go to Thailand to pursue and ultimate fighting career. I gave him my blessing before he left and wished him success and continued happiness.

I had been thinking about him a lot over the last few days. I love him like a brother. I am an only child and Jake is the closest thing to a little brother that i have. As I was logging off of facebook (yes i have a facebook account...don't hate), I got a call from a number that i didn't recognize. I thought it may have been another cousin from the canary islands, but instead I instantly recognized the voice on the othe end of the line as cousin jake.

I was so happy to hear from him. He called me to tell me about his journey. I asked if he was okay and i could hear the tension in his voice as he said no. He said that his trip had been a huge challenge. Upon arriving there, he got Ghiard…