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Taking care of ourselves

Nobody likes it when they are sick. We eat right, try to alleviate stress and exercise. We do yoga, pilate's and eat tofu as well as veggies , yet it still happens to the best of us. Many times we wonder why?

Today, I got my daily motivator from Mr. Ralph Marston and the title was "Treasure the Experience" . In a nutshell the daily reminder advised us to let go of control. He talked about possibilities that we end up not seeing because of our need for dominance and control over the issue. We are connected beyond our physical senses, but we continually want more. The reminder finishes up by saying that good things will become abundant in your life as soon as you step aside from needing them.

You may be asking , "Chad, how in the hell does that have anything to do with getting sick?". Well when you are sick, it is your body's way of letting you know that there is a little bug inside of you that has weakened your immune system. Many times we want to cont…


You never know what the universe is going to throw at you. Today I was trying to put my credit card back in my wallet. It wouldn't fit. I couldn't figure out why at first. I pulled the card out and saw a piece of paper jammed into the slot.

I fidgeted with it for a bit, next thing you know, out comes a $100 bill. So thank you to the love of the universe.

Off to San Francisco for work.

Until next time...