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Movie Review: Reign Over Me

So i decided last minute to go and see this film. I left my house at 9:20, walked down to Horton Plaza, arrived at 9:40 and bought tickets for this movie. Apparently it wasn't all I thought it was going to be.

Adam Sandler plays a lost individual whose wife, 3 daughters and dog were all killed on one of the planes during the 9/11 attacks. He has a good friend who runs into him, Don Cheadle, who is a practicing dentist and was Sandler's room mate during dental school.

I don't want to spend a lot of time reviewing this movie. It did bring up some interesting thoughts and really made one stop and think. I couldn't help continually hearing the guy in the back row snoring as he fell asleep. 5 seconds later you would hear a loud "smack" from his girlfriend and he would wake up.

The movie was 2 hours and 4 minutes long and could have been cut by about 30 minutes. Some of the scenes were extremely long and drawn out. Sandler didn't do a great job of conv…

Movie Review: Black Snake Moan

So my friend Noah and I went to see this movie tonight. I wasn't sure what my expectations were going to be because I had only seen one clip. From my entrance into the theatre, I was sure that from the crowd turn out and the lack of theatre play, that this was going to be a disappointment. The movie was far from a disappointment.

The show starts off with JT and Christina Ricci going at it during what seems to be a very passionate, sexy, and invigorating love scene. Immediately after this seen, JT is dressing up in army camo and packing up the last of his bags to head out for basic training to head to iraq. He makes his promise to Christina and gives her a watch that will beep at exactly the same time every night no matter where they are. JT drives off with Christina Ricci running after him begging him not to go.

Rather than going into the whole story I will let you know that Christina is afflicted by a troubled past and seems to take this condition out sexually with numerous m…

Thank you!

This is a huge thank you to all of my family and friends. I love you all. Without your love and support I would be sucked into a bog of nothingness. I love and respect your energy and appreciate what each of you represents in my life.

So I am back to reading the secret. If you don't have it, email me. I will buy you a copy. It is by far the most powerful book i have ever read. Just as the bible can give you great stories for overcoming adversity in life, so can the secret. One of my favorite lines from the movie is "...if you can believe a thing, you can achieve it." Why is it that we walk around unhappy all the time, because of our conditioning. Newspapers, TV and even the workplace can be a barage of negative information. Whether you realize it or not, that gets into your energy and begins to radiate outward. You become and outward manifestation of what you take in. If you start to remove the negative input and reprogram yourself immediately, immediately things like thi…

Video blog...

So I am going to start a video blog. I have decided to get some damn exposure with this shizzle.

So yesterday I heated some pizza on one of my 3 plates that I have from Ikea. Well I didn't realize that you can't put them in the oven. When i pulled it cracked. It wasn't until tonight that i realized while washing it that it was cracked as it broke into three pieces in my hand...that sucks my nuzzle sack. As I stood at the sink...i laughed hysterically. I mean really what else can you do... Life throws at you exactly what you need at exactly that moment. I am listening to Everything in its right place by radiohead from Vanilla sky at exactly this moment.

Wow is all i can say. Everything in its right place

Soon it shall be as for right now..i enjoy music and the solace and alone ness

Everything is getting better as of right now...

Until next time my friends.

the end and the beginning...

So i am officially at the end of my wits. I have officially hit the bottom regarding finances. I have maxed out every credit card i have, i have .44 cents in my bank account and I have a massive parking/hotel bill I have to pay and I have just enough gas to get home.

At least on the brightside, it gets better from here. I am focusing on what i want which is millions of fuckin dollars in my bank account. Before i get there. I want to have 2500 in the bank on the 10th of the month after paying every single bill. Then I want that number to increase to $10,000 by the 10th and all bills paid.

I am attracting this into my life. Money will no longer have a stronghold in my life. I will continually attract good people, great events and great encounters in my life.

Until next time...

Heavy Shit, she cheated

Today was interesting to say the least.  I decided, at some point and time, that I miss journaling. I realize that writing in this journal is the only place that makes me feel good and it is the only place I can speak to someone that wont judge me.  It is like my own little therapist.  I can say what I feel and not worry about judgement being passed.  I know that tough times are part of life, hell you wouldn't appreciate the good times with out the tough ones.  I have been scared because of my money situation.  I am super short on funds.  Money is so tight that I had to spend the last 20 in my account to buy cat food, cookies, milk, coffee, bread and margarine.  Needless to say, I was a little scared because I have to go to LA this week and am not sure of the money outcome or how much I will need.  I freaked out and thought, "God what if I let the meeting manager down,"

I have felt down for a few days but tried not to show it to family and friends.  Its really not worth …

Dentist Appointment and Memories

Well I woke up early today to get to my dentist appointment. Wouldn't you darn early that I was 3 days early. My appointment wasn't until friday. So needless to say I took the coaster up to encinitas for a day at leisure. I spent some time on the phone with my friend Fatima, while at Starbucks. Which by the way is the same starbucks I proposed to her in. Before I went to Starbucks, I actually rode my bike to Red Robin (now closed). The memories flooded back. I remember getting hired there on 9/12. The day after 9/11...a day we will all never forget, much like the day JFK was shot for the older generation. I remember going through training. I remember meeting new people and improving my memory skills and being able to take orders for a table of 12 with memory.

I remember meeting fatima after work and heading to the house in Shadytree for conversations or sleepovers. I remember working the day shift with small tips and saving every tip for our 2002 trip to…

what the hell...

Family and Friends,

This is a question I ask myself often. What in the sam hell am I doing up on a Sunday at midnight or 1 am writing in this god forsaken blog about. I mean what is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow.
“Im not gonna lie to you...” I have no friggin clue. I am up because I can’t sleep. Artistic talent strikes at the most in opportune moments. I don’t know if I would call it artistry or crap...

What would be nice is if I could make enough money off of my blog to support my meeting and event planning habit. Any ideas. I will slut myself out for $$$$’s. Anyone who wants to advertise on this blog, should let me know. I have no clue what the turnover is on this thing so I send it out and hope people read it and can relate.

Many times people say, “well what should you write”. Well I will tell you what not to write. You shouldn’t write about frat parties where you wake up and find yourself peeing in a fan or crawling into a bed filled with shaving cream…