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Inspiring the Uninspired

We are not all superhuman.  I have my weaknesses too.  Today is a perfect example of that.  I had great intentions to go run and got sucked into a netflix movie called "The Revenge of the Electric car" (side note: it is an excellent movie and I highly recommend.)  This happens to me a lot.  I used to be an avid cyclist.  I loved my bike and I always felt like we were one.  I could hop on it and together we could explore old places or new.  We had a great relationship and never seemed to fight.  I would take care my bike by cleaning it and making adjustments after each ride, My bike in return would never let me down when shifting up a treacherous hill or giving me ample enough speed as I applied pressure to the pedals in a blazing fast downhill.  We would take long journeys together or just go out to see how fast we could do a particular ride.  We had an understanding and a kinship if you will.

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Movie: The Vicious Kind

Synopsis:  An older brother tries to warn a younger brother about the perils of falling in love with a girl.  In the process of warning his younger brother, Caleb, played by Adam Scott, becomes increasingly obsessed with his younger brothers new girlfriend.

Opening line by Caleb Sinclaire (played by Adam Scott):
"You know they're all whores, right? All of 'em. I'm not just talking about the little skanks that hang out around your dorm, or frat, or whatever. But actually every woman you've ever known, and every woman you'll ever meet - Mom, Grandma, Aunt Ellen. The fact that they're related to us doesn't make any difference. Cause at the end of the day, given the right set of events, they *will* fuck you over. For the sole reason that they have a vagina, and they can."
I wasn't sure if the movie would draw me in, or if I would spit it out, but as I got to watching, I found myself compelled to watch.  Its a simple premise of an estranged father t…

Grateful, not deserving.

So I recently (like today on the plane), finished reading, "All In" by Jerry Yang.  I have included the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  If you haven't read this book, please take my word and have a read for yourself.  I became hooked after 5 minutes.  It is a fantastic book about losing everything and gaining it all.  It won't leave you uninspired.

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Barnes and Noble:


Synopsis: Jerry Yang grew up in Laos and at a young age was forced to leave the only …