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Called the Relationship Quts...

Spoke with Dana today. She said she does not want to speak to me anymore because of the celibate decision. I know that she is awesome. I think if timing were different, we would probably get married, but timing is way off. Nonetheless, i still like her

My mom called me out of the blue today. She wasn't drunk, which was awesome. We talked about Maryann and the divorce being final and Christina. Christina and I are very concerned about her health in that place all by herself. I told her that i love her and that if she needs me, I will move back.

It was great talking to mom. I love her so much.

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Motherfuckin Broke Again

Woke up at 4:30...why? Alarm went off and I can't sleep. I have lots of stress in my life. I have applied with several different companies and I hope to hear something from somebody soon. I need to generate cash in my life. I have 5 bucks to my name.

I have also decided to eliminate women in my life. they seem to be too much of a distraction. I feel like I am putting too much effort and energy into them and not me. I had to tell Dana that I like her alot, but I don't think i can continue to see her anymore.

I also told Cora that she is amazing and fun and interesting, but I cannot hook up with her because I might get too emotionally attached. I think she understood. Melissa understood completely because our relationships is purely physical...we hang out when time permits. She totally understood exactly where i am coming from.
She wants to be friends.

Lisa will be a different story. I feel bad because I think she is buying or bought a ticket out to see me. I think i ha…