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Why i prefer g+ over facebook

I have been in the social media game here ever since myspace and blogger opened up.  I took my entire journal and put it on line; good, bad and everything in between.  I truly appreciate what social media can do for connecting people, ideas and even fostering events.

I just want to briefly discuss why I am finding myself more drawn to g+ as the days go by, although there are numerous reasons, I want to focus on one that stands out like a giant sequoia in a field of newly planted pines: CONTENT.  It seems to me that the quality of the content and relevance of the content you are looking for is far more streamlined on g+ than it is on facebook.

On facebook, I get the endless barrage of checkins from friends going to places, that I will probably never go to,  with people that I will probably never meet.  They photograph their latest meal, or brag about the latte they picked up from Starbucks, or check in for their workout to let the rest of the world know they got pumped.  Lately there …

Mothers Day

First and foremost, to all the Mothers, Mommies, Moms  and soon to be's that read my blog, Happy Mothers day to you.  It always amazes me that we only take 1 day to really appreciate Mothers, when in actuality, it is a 365 day appreciation.  To me Mothers day is like confessional.  Its a day when all kids and husbands confess all that they haven't been able to do and appreciate "Moms" for all they do.  The reality is Mothers day, and Fathers day for that matter,  should be everyday.  I also don't want to get into the which is more important Mothers or Fathers because this is mothers day we will stick to the subject at hand :-)

So I lost my Mother almost 2 years ago to cancer and not a day goes by that I don't wish she was still here.  There is something about having a Moms perspective in life that seems to make things right.  Often times we don't want to hear it because it goes against what we think we know, or maybe it is because we let pride get in the…

IronMan 3

I have to say this was the least favorite of the Iron man series.  Coming off the avengers, which had me riveted to my seat, this lackluster performance on many levels, disappointed me.  Tony begins to realize he is human and needs to slow down (what 40 something doesn't).  There were gaps of time with sheer boredom and slow scenes that didn't help the cohesion of the movie.  I felt as if it were piecemeal-ed together.  Like they had a beginning and an end and said "what do we do with the middle?"

Guy Pearce and Robert Downey delivered good performances  however, I just had a hard time relating to this movie in any way.  Ben Kingsley delivered a very unique performance and I liked the role he was given.  He can convince anyone that the sky is falling or to just relax and have a beer.  I can say that for the first time, I didn't even relate with the super hero (a little bit, but not enough to care).  My problem is when i go pay $10 to see an action film, I expect…