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Okay San Diego...come on!!!!

Okay here we are in crisis mode. There are wildflowers all over the place. There is ash falling everywhere and people need a place to live.

On my walk home this morning I was chipper and joyful, until i saw this.

Have we really become such a society that we can't pick up after our dogs. It wasn't a stray because they get picked up when they run loose.

This is my community and i take pride in it. I keep my place clean and pick up trash when i see it lying around. Have that same pride and take care of your own place. If you want someplace to be nice and look nice, start with looking towards yourself.

If anyone needs refuge in this time of need, i offer up my apartment. It isnt' much but will provide a roof over your head. I am on the road traveleing for the month of November and December so it may give you refuge for a bit.

Until next time,

What happens to us...

So i woke up this morning thinking about the day ahead, my life and past friends.  So a song came on that made me think of a good fried Ashley.  

I have known ashley for many years.  I met him in the 90's when he and i were in college.  We both worked at the same bakery.  I trained him, and i must admit sometimes he was a little clumsy. I remember one time when I got off at 2 i told ashley to bake two hummingbird cakes.  I stopped by at 6pm to see how things were going, I asked him what the burning smell was and he freaked and said the humming bird cakes.  Seems he left them in the oven too long...2 hours too long.

Ashley had it pretty rough and was involved in two car accidents, one was alchohol related and in all truth shouldn't have lived but he did.  He met a girl, got married and had children.  He was a groomsman at my wedding when i got married in 99.  We used to talk alot, close friends and discussed so much.

Now we don't talk that much.  He came into my head and I wil…

Love is an Airport...

My whole life i have been in love with airports.  I enjoy flying into and out of airports because to me it is the best feeling in the world.

People are traveling to some unknown destination or they are going to visit long lost family.  I always wonder when flying into airports like San Fran where people are traveling to.  I love to think they are going on an international trip somewhere.

Today when flying in, we de planed at the terminal right next to the international gates. I wondered where each of the planes was going or where it had come from.

I love taking pictures of the planes at the airports.  My dad instilled the love of planes for me and it has stayed with me ever since.  I am thankful for that.  Although, sometimes i get nervous when i fly, i still love to do it.  It reminds me of my childhood hopping a National flight to New Orleans from San Diego, or eventually a Pan Am flight and getting moved up to first class. 

Traveling is not the same as it was.  The demands of the trave…

Time to reflect...

So i finished up another program today. Pharmaceutical company and as always it was a success for me. Got to see friends and make new ones. My flight was at 11:30 and i caught a ride to McCarran Airport and make it through security in about 5 minutes.

I had a bit of a down day. I guess i am letting myself be a little more emotional. The more emotions the more i reflect.... A good friend told me that music is very therapeutic. After a very tough flight home, I was down a bit. I spent the afternoon watching my cousin tat his friend dustin. I saw the passion that Jake had while he was tatooing. He felt so good about drawing this tat and putting it on his friend. The energy was contagious. He finished the tat and went over to his girls house with Dustin because they were going to celebrate.

I went to Fillipi's and got some lasagna and reflected, again. Upon coming home I started listening to some deep music. I as many of you may or may not know, love to sing. I realize th…