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So today, i woke up at 5:30 to head home from visiting my mom in LA. It was a great visit and I really enjoyed myself. I got to see my grandma from sweden and my mom and her sister and husband. We do a swedish-white elephant christmas every year and i thing it is better than the usual christmas where you spend tons of money for stuff that you may never use. Plus, you can always regift for the next year.

After waking up, i strolled quietly into my moms room and picked up my shoes and some other knick knacks i had left. I guess i wasn't quiet enough becuase poquito the chihuahua woke up and had to say goodbye. Mom woke up from a dead sleep and said "do you want me to make some coffee?" I declined and said i would get cup at starbucks on the way out. We said our goodbyes and she waived me off as i pulled away.

I got to starbucks and there was a little line. The guy behind me was anxious to get his order in. I could tell by the way he was flicking his money. He was …

Making of new friends

So today i went and worked out at 24 hour fitness this morning.  I had a stellar workout and was extremely pumped up.  My best friend Noah got me the coolest headphones ever.  They are noise reducing and they rock.  I use them all the time.  They are over the ear and have amazing sound.

When i finished up my workout, i traipsed over to the starbucks to get my favorite, black coffee for a little after workout buzz.  I also got a classic sausage sandwich whic was very good.  I sat outside and listened to the light traffic buzz by. I also saw the bee's flying through the grass and checking out the area for pollen. It was so beautiful and nice.

I looked down by my feet and saw the cutest little bird, hanging solo, like me.  What saddened me is that one of his claws had been taken by a predator.  He had a club foot.  He looked up at me with the cutest little eyes.  I couldn't help but give hime some of my sandwich.  I know, people are always saying, don't feed the birds because i…

About a year ago...

I walked away from a 5 year relationship with a great person. Are we friends Is that sad, a little bit. Were we compatible, no. We were too different beings who graced each others presence and made things better temporarily. We spent five years learning about each other, we neglected each other, we forgot to figure out what makes the other tick. Was it a negative experience, never. It was enriching and well needed in my life.

Although we are not friends anymore, I still respect her immensely, although she hates me. Does that bother me, no. Life is what it is. I choose to live in love and not in hate or fear. She is a very strong person and has a big heart. I wish her all the happiness in life. She has a smile that can warm a room full of ice cubists... She has a laugh that gets into your being and makes you laugh. She is woman and she is mighty.

In reflecting on ths experience, i found myself listening to a song by sheryl crow. Reminded me that i am human and i …

A baby and a mothers love

This blog is going to be short today.  I woke up rather early, say 5am.  I couldn't sleep.  I guess my body has had enough sleep and is fully rested.  I got out of bed and traipsed into the shower happily.  I got dressed and decided to go downstairs early

I really believe the universe tells us that there are things we need to do and we have to follow those cues.  That is the reason we seek behind everything.  It is the universe drawing us to new things and things we need to see.

I stopped at the coffee shop, Paladio, in the Bellagio and sat down after receiving my apple muffin and black coffee.  I chose a table close to the window next to a younger couple that had just had a baby.  This was no ordinary baby, but an adorable baby.  She had the cutest face ever. Big chubby cheeks, big blue eyes and the slightest trace of hair growing in.   She had the biggest smile and seemed to have a fascination with her toes.

Her mother and father were elated to have her in their lives.  In a conver…

Momentous occassions

So many of you may or may not know, I am an entrepeneur and always looking for new business ideas. I started an event planning company in San Diego last year and it has been a slow start but a good one. I have learned so much about myself over this past year. I have grown personally and professionally and learned that sometimes life can be challenging, fun, sad and sometimes not fair...

Recently, TruBlue decided to begin a concierge a few months. Recently we decided to begin a communications company for event planning companies. This week proved to be very happy and stressful as well. We made initial contact with our communications supplier and they are very excited about our new venture and after the conference call, i was so elated. One of my business associates was so persistent and wouldn't take no for an answer. I wasn't really sure that the business was going to take shape for 6 months. After the conference call, i could actually see the light at the end of the t…