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Get a routine

Many people find routine to be boring and tedious. If you move away from routine, you may find your life becoming chaotic. If you learn to like and embrace your routine, you will find your life becoming more glorious by the day.

Rather than despise the routine you have chosen, learn to love it. Learn to embrace it in its entirety and you will find that you are much more content and fulfilled because you are moving closer to accomplishment. With every task you complete, you become more complete.

Call it routine, or call it habit, it will either be constructive or destructive to you. When your routine lacks focus, you begin to become destructive, both in mind and body. The example I like to use here is exercise. The lack of routine makes you feel lethargic, tired and wistful. However, if you have a workout routine and you do it every day, you become creative, alert and alive.

Having a habit pays more dividends than you realize, whether it is cleaning your room, making your bed, or …

Notes from the Universe

I get thes in my inbox everyday. They are extremely thought provoking and often very inspiring.

Sometimes, Chad, having more fun and being happier comes from looking for each in crazy, new places; instead of waiting for them to come from where you've found them before or where others are now finding them.

And I do mean crazy. Not just from the old standbys of travel, adventure, and romance, but from stretching, reaching, and growing. Accepting new responsibilities for your happiness, totally accepting others, and grasping even higher ideals. Philosophically taking yourself to places few have ever dared before.
Red hot smokin' love,
The Universe

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Hope you have a blessed and beautiful day!

It's your perspective

I saw this in an email this morning and thought I would share:

In all of time and space, there is no challenge, pothole, mountain, chasm, hurdle, or foe larger than you. Not even close. Although if all you use to size them up are your physical senses... good luck!

We don't live in a perfect world. Things go wrong, bills have to get paid, friends sometimes disappoint us, however, that doesn't change the fact that your life is amazing. If you look around you at any given time, you will see wonderful and amazing things. Savor the moment..

Where ever you are, being the you that you are right now at this moment, is enough to experience the most awesome moment of your life. Take a deep breath, thank your higher power for being healthy and well, give thanks for all that you have and you will find extraordinary value in the power of being. Normal mundane moments will become awe inspiring and breath taking seconds and will over power you senses.

I talk about it often on my blog but ea…

Crippling fear

When you are stressed or worried about something, you are living in fear. When you worry about something, you are basically affirming that you want and believe this stressful event is going to happen to you. You dwell on it so much that before long, it becomes a reality.

When you stress about a thing, you really are crippling yourself. There are things you can change and things you cannot, and if you keep worrying about something, you add much stress to your life and keep yourself from being truly happy. A little stress is good, its called eustress and can result from buying a new item, giving a speech or even taking a test. The crippling stress is distress and this results from long time worry and fear.

When you feel this crippling fear, or if you feel overwhelmed by a negative thought, kill it in its tracks by changing your focus. Focus on the things you have and the things you need to be thankful for. Focus on the good you do in the world and that everyday is a new day with en…

anything is possible

Do you ever feel like life is conspiring against you? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, your getting trumped by the royal cards of the universe?

Many times people don't realize their thought patterns. They subconsciously sabotage their abounding great thoughts with thoughts of fear, hopelessness and failure in the back of their minds. Learn to clear those remaining negative thoughts in your head. The truth of the matter is there is endless possibility, not despair. It is your choice to see it in either light.

Often times we think of some difficulty or problem that we are going through and we become heavy with those thoughts. Begin to focus on the opportunities that will come from crossing over that bridge. You have crossed it many times before in your life and the outcome has always been the right one.

Everyone struggles with problems and challenges in life. You are no exception to this truth, however, what you do with that information and how you perceive it, is y…

As you wish...

Allow yourself to try anything…just once. Stop saying "you can't, or you shouldn't". Think about how wonderful you feel after you do a thing. Feel how empowering it is just to complete a single task. The other day I was overwhelmed by just cleaning my room. I felt depressed and disheveled and nothing could motivate me. Finally I got up and started unpacking my suitcase, that led to filling the laundry basket, which in turn led to putting new sheets on the bed, which led to hanging my clothes, which in turn led to me cleaning my whole place.

When you jump over one obstacle, you start to really question the other obstacles. Are they really obstacles or obstacles in your mind. For me it is a matter of taking that first step, and the first step starts the snowball effect. I basically step out of my comfort zone and feel accomplished by even the littlest tasks. Life is not measured by what you haven't done, but rather by what you are doing at this moment…Make…

Be Love

Do you ever feel like you are going to burst with happiness? Have you ever been in love with people, not just one person? Often times we think we are only allowed to love and be loved by that special someone so we refrain by just liking those around us.

When you act in love, the world moves. Have you ever seen how someone reacts if you do something nice? They smile, they say "Thanks" and in some cases they are even shocked. When you act and live in love, the world opens up doors for you and things you have never seen, become visible before your eyes.

Many of us walk around in fear or afraid of truly showing love because you may open yourself up too much or expose yourself to getting hurt or suffer rejection. I feel that love, both the act of being in love and showing it make you a much more complete person. Don't be selfish, learn to love all those around you. Let love come from within and flow like a river to all those around you.

Love is not just a word, it is a s…


You will not always wake up inspired. Sometimes the nights events will have your mind racing and in some cases clutter or distraction enters your thoughts. In some cases you have to wake and see whats outside, breathe the fresh air or just see the face of a household pet to get you back on track and feel inspired and loved.

Too many times in your life you will give yourself reason to feel sad, depressed or lonely. The real truth is that you can just as easily choose to feel happy, blessed and fulfilled.

I encourage you to dig deep and seek out all the noble, rich, true and good inside of you because the truth is, it has always been there. Often times we want to remind ourselves of the bad, rather than the good that exists in us. We focus on the negative or the things we haven't done rather than accepting the reality that we are perfect right now at this moment. Nothing or no one can ever take that away from you. See the beauty of you!

We are all amazing and are sharing this…

Blessing not a Curse

Your tasks today, your job, your chores...they are a blessing not a curse.

No matter how you look at it, the truth is, today, this hour, this moment is where you make a difference. You might not see it but you bring value to all that you do.

Don't think of today as a burden or a chore, but rather open yourself up to the possibility of what could be. Allow yourself to be open to grow and to learn. We will never stop learning until we choose to. It is an amazing cycle, when you learn you grow and as you grow you learn.

Imagine if everything were easy, there would be no sense of accomplishment. I mentioned in an earlier post, if that were true, your life would seem pointless. "A person shows who they are by what they do with what they have been given" Working through each challange and keeping your spirits high is the challange. Anyone can quit...that is the truely easy road.

Whatever you are doing on this day, be thankful that you have breath and means to do it, ev…

The Means, Not The Ends

Why is it that we start something we are always so focused on the end result. We begin things with visions of grandeur and if they don't come out exactly like we want, we become discouraged. We should be focused on the doing rather than the end product.

In order to achieve something great, one must make many efforts. Often times the thing of greatness will not happen on the first try. In doing, you are creating effort and therefore working towards the end goal, but don't get hung up on what that may look like, because truth be told, it may change while you are working on it.

My advise: just keep pushing through. Keep adding one brick, one stone, or one piece of wood to the project at hand. While you are doing this give thanks and sit back and learn, take in the feelings of what felt good about the project and what doesn't. This helps you when you have to redo or start another project of similar scope.

As you work, you get better at what you do, you learn what works …

Always Thankful

You may not realize it, but there are so many things in your life to be thankful for at this moment. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, make sure to focus on the things that matter and to give thanks for them.

Everyone has problems, challenges, struggles, and difficulties in life, yet its what you focus on that will free you from the pain of hurt and live in limitless joy.

Stop bitching about what you don't have and focus on the abundance that is already around you. Instead of being hateful to those that hurt you, abused you, beat you, wronged you or even raped you, focus on the people that lifted you up and brushed you off and told you they loved you. They have to be there, else you wouldn't be standing where you are standing today.

If you find yourself in a worrysome situation or in fear over the impending future, stop thinking for a minute and just breath. Focus rather on the hardships you have endured and put yourself in a happy place to know that you ma…