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We are all struggling right now, in one form or another.  Some of us are struggling with addictions like coffee, exercise or the lack there of.  There is a sense that things are changing  by the minute.  I cant help but think about my parents generation where they worked for a company for many years and saved a bit, and then retired.  Some people didn't do that and worked until they couldn't work anymore.

Now we are in the new age.  Everybody is losing faith in the corporate model.  People are quitting their jobs, it seems to follow their own dreams.  We jump jobs more than we jumped puddles growing up as kids and the result.  We are constantly looking for that next thing.  We are looking outside of ourselves for something that exists inside of us.  The problem is that the thing that exists inside of us, will never pay us money.

I read all these articles of people quitting their jobs to pursue "their inner passion".  Part of me says, "Hey thats a great idea&qu…

Three Pairs of Shoes

That is all I own, well in the shoe department anyway.  I used to be so concerned with stuff and appearance.  I always had nice watches, nice pants and jackets and nice shirts.  I dressed well and felt like I impressed.  The question is, who was I impressing? Myself or those around me?
Moving to Eugene nine months ago, everything changed.  I got rid of every suit I owned.  Every nice shirt was donated to goodwill.  I gave all the pictures that had been in my family for years and years, away.  I kept two boxes and removed the rest.  I got rid of the excess in my life and became a true minimalist.  I left for 3 months and went to India.  It was going to be a life changing trip and I planned to travel an see as much of India as possible.  As you all know, that didn't happen.  I ended up primarily in Delhi and a few days in Chennai.  I got to see two of my cousins and watched lots of Bollywood movies.  I fell in love with the culture and even though there are 24 million people in Del…

Become a DO'er

I have kept my peace long enough and I am SO tired of the phrase "My vote doesn't matter"  This is a bullshit cop out because you are too lazy to get off your ass and read about the issues that are affecting our country.  Yes, I am calling you a lazy fat ass.  You are one or the other or both.

I have watched the younger generations flop around on the deck of a fishing boat as if they just got pulled out of the ocean.  They bitch and complain about the lack of leadership in the country, and yet when you ask them if they voted, the all too familiar phrase, "my vote doesn't matter".  The fuck it doesn't.  My professor in college once said, you are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.  The problem as I see it is we are lazy.  You see we have these stupid phones that we walk around with that make us "stupider" because we take pictures of our food because its so beautiful, or we snap selfies and see how many likes we can ge…