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Washington DC-Saturday & Sunday 4th & 5th

Today was much of the same. Prepping for the big meeting. I am on the meetings team. We make sure the rooms are ready and set according to specs. If there are any handouts, we make sure to place them on the seats before each meeting. Today was just a walk around to make sure we knew where the rooms are.

It is kind of cool to be on these meetings because you meet so many interesting people. The staff is cool too because you begin to develop bonds with everyone. It is much like a family and that is one reason I really like what i do.

I have attached some pics

Day 1-San Diego flying to Washington DC

Well I woke up at 3:47 this morning thanks to my awesome cat pepper. She knew I had to be up early and as I arose, she chirped happiness running to the kitchen before me, knowing that I was going to be filling up her bowl.

I loaded up my suitcase only to find both precious and tigher sad to see me go. I can tell when they are sad because they sit in whatever bag I am taking. It was cute and I will post some pics up here tonight.

I am in cincinatti right now. The flight here was uneventful. I am soon to board my flight to DC. In reading my program notes, I noticed that Sir Richard Branson is going to be the guest speaker....

Holy Crapola...He is one of the men I want to meet before I die. As luck has it, I will be on the meetings team and will (cross my fingers) be able to sit in the room with him while he speaks. That would be awesome.

I am going to be staying at the henley park hotel in DC. You can look it up on line. It is cool but also a boutique hotel. I hate boutique hotels when I wo…