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India, Oregon and Other Stuff

So I have been back from India for a week and it has been a very warm welcome home. I have to say that I will miss my family in India for the moment. I am really happy to be with family here in Eugene. We went to Alton Baker Park and had some great food, a delicious beer and watched the fireworks.
I love the feel of Eugene.  Its small enough that you can pretty much get anywhere by bike and the longest its taken me to get down town is like 10 minutes.  I don't remember getting to LA that quickly when I lived in the valley.  I will say I took my written drivers test 3 times.  I failed it the first 2 times because I didn't read all the answers.  I finally passed it on the 3rd try.  What is it they say, "Three times a charm".  Maybe that will be true with marriage too, oh wait, I have only been married once.  
I have started to really enjoy the small town life.  I can walk to starbucks or Market of Choice.  There are banks nearby and there are some great walking trails…