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Letter to my aunt and uncle...

Brad and Cindy,

Well this is just an email for uncle brick and Cindy Lou to let you know that everything in San Diego is great. Jake is doing awesome and we have been working out a lot together. We make a good team cause we motivate each other. He, as you know is working at the bike store and doing fantastic. Everyone there loves him. I watched him the other day with the clients and he is great...good listener, great interaction, Brad, you would be too Cindy.

He is also dating a very nice girl (well lets be honest...stalking is a better word) I am kidding. Her name is Jamie (sp). He met her out one night and I must say she is quite a looker. Very nice, very settled and not 100% into Jake, which is why he likes her. She lives very close to the bike store on the beach and when he gets off, he treks over and spends some time with her. He seems genuinely happy.

Last night I went and picked him up at starbucks by jaimes house and he was telling me all about how warm and …

Gogol Bordello

Okay so it has been way too long since i have blogged. Somebody flog me. Beat me into submission or just kiss me for god's sake.

So i went to the most amazing, full energy, artistic, creative and mystifying event ever. It was a Gogol Bordello concert and I love this band. My friend Sarah made the suggestion and picked out the tickets. My friend dave and his wife Tiff, Sarah and I made the trek by foot down to the HOB.

Along the way, dave and i thought we were going to be fighting with a homeless man who wouldn't leave us alone. He was following us and mouthing off something. Dave and I started to check ourselves and move the girls forward to make sure they were out of harms way and then he finally stopped.

We saw some other guys going the opposite direction and were going to warn them, but they ended up moving in and we didn't see what happened, because we had to get down to dinner and see the show.

We ate dinner at the HOB and the food from my stand point (being an eve…