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1997-06-11-Long day

Woke up and headed to the gym and trained peeps today. I drank another assload of coffee again today to get me going. I trained all my clients, then myself, and headed home and slept. I was extremely tired.

I trained Maribeth and MaryAnn. Maryann is beautiful. I wish I would have met her earlier. I think she is in a ltr. I would like to fall in love. I want to be successful and good at something in my life. I hope to find out what that is soon in my life..

I called Lorrie and left a message with her roommate. Watched "One Fine Day". Its cute but different. Life continues and I am scared. Suicide entered my thoughts again today.

Until next time...

1997-06-10-Today was a good day

Interesting day as all of my clients for the morning cancelled. Had one at 9:00. I ended up working at Tony's for 3 hours. Came home and watched "Swingers". It was absolutely hillarious. Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Overall, it was a good day. I am still working on acheiving my goals, it just seems that lately I can't see past all the fog, oh well...push on.

I trained a few people this evening. Met up with an old client Jeff Johnson. Went out at 10:30 to "America's Bar and Grille" I ended up meeting a cute girl named Lorrie and got a phone number from her.

Got home at 2am and have to get up at 3:15 because I have to train clients at 4:30. Nucking futs.

Until next time...

1997-06-09-Journaling again

Well it has been a while since I have written. I need to be continuous in my writings so that I can make sense of this madness at times. I have been very depressed and lonely lately. I feel I need to be further along in my journey than I am right now. I feeel I should be making more money and be in a serious relationship. I think a lot of that is societal. Its the societal values coming out or manifesting in me. I have decided that 35 an hour for my services is too cheap. I need to go up to 45 an hour. This will help me pay my bills in a timely manner.

Today was an okay day. I am looking forward to tomorrow and feel it will be better. I mailed some letters and a majority of my bills off today. I also did some deep muscle relaxation. It was awesome. I am sure I will sleep like a log.

Until Next time...

PS. I have this crazy idea to tackle the corporate fitness market. I need to chat with my friend Tammy about it.