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November 1, 2004

Election day is tomorrow.  It has been a long time since journaling.  I need to do it more often.  I think it helps me sort out feelings and emotions.  Fatima and I are moving in a month.  It will be exciting and sad at the same time.  I miss the sunsets here.  I will surely miss the view and some of the people.

School is very tough.  I am having a hard time adapting.  I don't seem to be grasping the concepts that simply.  Finance is kicking my ass.  I wan to get a job that will allow me to be responsible.  I think monotony has become law.  Fatima and I seem to be doing very well.  My money situation sucks ass.  I hope my loan disbursement goes okay, otherwise no apartment.  I fucked up my math

Until next time...