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A new time of thinking

First and foremost, I have to give a huge shout out to Jen Marsh.  Without her constant belief and friendship I probably wouldn't be sitting here. She constantly reminds me of what a great person I am and builds me up on my down days.  She pushes me to be me and doesn't have an expectation of what our friendship will ever look like.  She helped me to self publish my fathers book, The Ruination of Dylan Forbes.  Without her guidance and friendship, I would be light years behind so thank you Jen for your support.

Now on to conversational pieces.  Last night I was talking to one of the hotel staff here and shared with her my feelings on VIPS.  This is not going to be a subject that everyone is going to agree with me on and I may lose more business than I gain, but I think it is about time that we set the record straight.  As you all know I work events for a living.  I have seen big and small, well run and not so good and pretty much every facet in between.  One of my moral sticki…

My trip to Aruba

So it is my first trip to Aruba and I must say I am thoroughly impressed.  From the moment I arrived I was greeted with an aura of love and warmth.  Their license plates read "One Happy Place" and I would have to agree.  Everyone here has a a warm attitude and a strong sense of gratitude.  The t-shirts here say "I  (heart) Aruba" 

So the island is pretty small and can be explored in about a day.  Its about 20 miles long and is 17 miles off the north coast of Venezuela.  It is the southern most island in the Lesser Antilles and the citizens here share Dutch Nationality.  Oranjestad is the capital and it is a great destination because it is outside of the hurricane belt.

One of the things that I found to be fascinating is the language here.  It has predominantly been dutch, until 2003 when they adopted Papamiento.  It is a creole language spoken on Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.  It incorporates words from Portuguese, West African, Dutch and Spanish.  Its a very happy lan…

What is your gift?

Somedays I'm a writer, some days I am a dreamer, somedays I am a lover and other days I am a healer.  I don't think I could be just one thing.  Can you?  Many people have the dream of becoming one thing and doing it very well.  I tend to be of the belief that life is an erratic array of capes that we wear.  I am not condoning those that desire to only wear 1 cape because we need those individuals.

I often wish that I was divinely inspired to write on a daily basis and have messages that move people in their core.  As it really happens, I find inspiration every so often and share the essential nuggets of knowledge that I have gained an share them with the world.  I know my heart is good and I want to channel that goodness to the masses.  I guess you can say I believe in the Love Utopia.  I believe that we are shifting our beliefs and conscious thought to more in line with love and light, after all it is why we are here.

There are days that I can't write and dream of what t…