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1997-10-18-being there for a friend

Today turned out to be a great day. It was very positive and very uplifting. I spoke with my friend Kathe about her son Mike. She was very distressed about him. I shared some information about myself while I was in college. She is concerned that he may be addicted to narcotics. She emailed me back and told me how great she felt talking to me and about how wonderful I am for being there for her. She asked if i would be willing to talk with Tom about everything. I told her absolutely.

I had lunch with MaryAnn at Einsteins. She seems really cool. I have to remember to keep my distance because she is in a relationship. I also recognize that pain would be a long hard road to recover from.

I wrote Kira a letter and told her how I feel. I hope I don't hurt her...I hate doing that. I respect her alot and like her as a friend.

Until next time...

1997-10-17-shitty day

Well today sucked. I had all but three of my clients cancel. I didn't get shit accomplished

I had lunch with Tony and John at a place called Peppinos. It was very tasty and good.

I came home and slept until 6pm. I had to train Trish at 7pm. Trish is a blessing. She has allowed me to train her in exchange for Dental work. My teeth would never get cleaned if not. Trish if you read this, thank you very much.

I worked out from 8-9:30 and came home. I talked to Maryann and Kira. I need to tell Kira how I truly feel. I will try and write tomorrow.

Until next time...

1997-10-16-Fun and the single life

I fulfilled a need I have had for a long time. Sex is great and a necessary part of life. I pursued it last night with maryann's friend Kira. It was pretty darn good. Sometimes I feel like I pursued it for the wrong reasons. Fulfillment of the heart brings greater reward.

I thought of Maryann last night, not during, but after. I felt i would have waited or pursued her for reasons of the heart, rather than lust, my feelings would be safer. Denying the heart and pursuing emotions has been a fault in the past. I must learn to pursue love and sex from the heart.

In all today was a good day. I learned I have grown enormously in my emotional and intellectual aspect of life. I will become a great person.

Until next time...