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6 hours of sleep...

So it seems that I am different than the normal human. I only need 6 hours of sleep. I have no clue why that is. Last night i was in bed and out by 8:30 (I know...old man), but i was tired and ran around all day. I fell asleep while reading "Confederacy of Dunces". I didn't actually fall asleep, I was just getting groggy.

I remember getting a call at 8:40 and soon after that conversation, I was out like a light. I slept pleasantly, albeit with two kitties by my side...actually 1 in between my legs (precious) because that is where she always sleeps and tigher off to my left. I tend to always sleep on my back and occasionally on my side. Last night there was no movement, and it was straight back sleep all night.

Without a noise, without a peep, I woke up at 2:30 on the nose this morning. I wasn't tired and in calculating sleep time, i was true to my 6 hours. I tend to feel unrested and un accomplished when i sleep more than 6. I believe 5 to six is my persona…

The life of a legend

Today I helped a very good friend Emily deal with a memorial service for her sisters husband. She asked me if i could be there at 8:30 and I agreed whole wholehearted. As I arrived, I was greeted with an exceptional hug. Emily's hugs are magnificent and get to your core, well at least for me they do. She thanked me so much for being there, and I told her no problem. I am very thankful that they allowed me to be there for the family on this, not so great of a day.

As the family and friends of Dave started to roll in, the family greeted me as if I was one of their own. They showed nothing but love and appreciation. I really felt honored, blessed to be there and for me it was nothing more than giving up my time in order to be there for the family. If they needed anything, i was there. I was an extension of their arm should they need anything.

The service, which was magnificent, was an hour and a half and very tasteful. There were a lot of tributes to Dave and stories of why …

Christmas lost its luster?

Who knows. I do know that i miss the days of waking up to the smells of the great food in the kitchen while dad blared Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". I remember seeing his face as he poured me that first cup of coffee asking if I wanted cream and sugar.

Family is what is really missed this year. We all grow up, we have children of our our (some of us do), and we do our own family Christmas. I can say with mass certainty that I miss being in the south and being around family, the great food, watching the kids open their presents and the Christmas day football game amongst uncles and nephews.

This year i look forward to getting a meal at denny's, having a cup of coffee and being thankful for my health. Those of you that still have lots of family, enjoy every minute of it, its not often enough that we get to give thanks, regardless of how crazy our families are. The flip side is one day soon, you too can enjoy Denny's christmas dinner with me

Getting close...

So today at starbucks I shocked the hell out of someone. I actually paid for their drink. She was so blown away by the whole experience. I am guessing that no one had ever done that before. She was really taken back by the whole experience. I said "Happy Holidays" and that i was paying it forward for her. I do that often. I like to pay for peoples drinks, since i frequent starbucks so much. I think it is a great conversation starter and a great way to make an instant friend. That was a good deed for the day.

Today I also hired an accountant. Scary but necessary. In starting the new company, i just want to make sure everything is legit. At $25 an hour, i think it is a worthwhile investment moving forward. Time will tell how it works out. I am optimistic and hope all is well.

It is quiet around the holidays right now for me. Aside from some last minute business requests, everything is going great. I can say that i am sad for the first time in many of my years. I…

This Christmas season...

A year of reflection, love, amazing experiences, loss and tolerance. That pretty much sums it up so I am outta here... This year I reflect back on what a great year 08 was and what a tremendous success I believe 09 will be. I learned a lot about myself, my limitations (mentally of course) and the ability to push through. I also just today found out about a loss of a great person that I really did not know only by association. I also want to reflect ever so briefly on tolerance and what this holiday season really opened my eyes to.

Let me start by saying that the sporting community, the world and the Smith family lost a great person yesterday. Dave Smith was an icon in the sporting industry and in the words of the amazing Emily Levy:

"Dave was somewhat of a celebrity in the world of Major League Baseball, once a relief pitcher for the Houston Astros, later the Chicago Cubs, and more recently a pitching coach for the San Diego Padres. He was widely respected among the baseball …

Out of control hair

So i haven't cut my hair in a long time. It is getting insane. The funny thing is that i don't really want to cut it and really think i will wait until June to cut it again. Yes i may look like a mop and people my try and clean their floor with me accidentally, as long as they grab the wrong handle, i am fine with that....KIDDING.

I also haven't shaved in a day or two...i am feeling rough. I need to get my ass back on to a routine to keep me in check. Spoke to a friend in Hawaii, she pointed out spelling errors on my blog. Bought a new lamp for my bed today. I want my room to be a bit homey row. Bought two mega sandalwood the smell. Bought a new suit for work at target...YES target, get over it. I look good in whatever I wear (however, i don't know how i will pull off this hair thing. Maybe I will gel the shit out of it and go from there)

Cats love me being home. I am trying to find a great home for my girl precious. She is …