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Understanding loss

So this week was a big week of loss.  For those of you that don't know, we lost Junior Seau to suicide and Adam Rauch aka #MCA #BeastieBoys to cancer.  I have been feeling pretty bummed out for the past day because of the news.  Junior was a legend in the sports community and from the people I talked to, an upstanding guy.  Adam Rauch, from the Beastie Boys, well, his connection is deeper to me because I remember first hearing the Beastie Boys on the scene back in 87/88.

The thought of losing such great people saddens me.  It makes me realize my own mortality will one day be at hand. The main thing from losing both these guys though, is learning the value of time.  You see none of us know when we are going to die.  If we did, we woud be less apt to live.  As I was driving back to the hotel tonight I realized one thing, its our perception of time that matters.

We know we aren't going to be here forever.  We have to remember people that have affected us in a good way and from ther…