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The Mundane and the Usual

Have you ever had a day suck really bad?  This was one of those days.  I was ten minutes late getting to work because of traffic.  I wasn't able to punch down past 6 inches on many of the soil vapor holes.  I met a cool guy today.  He was Persian.  I told him about Fatima and he said to hold on to her that middle eastern women are exotic and a rare breed.

I also got the news back from the FBI and I didn't pass the first battery of the tests.  It sucks to fail, but I think it is just a reminder that maybe that is not the direction I am supposed to be working towards.  I am just bummed because I haven't had any big successes in the career department.  I just seem to float from job to job.  I wish I was more driven as a child so that I could have gotten better grades, I would have excelled and therefore gotten into better schools and therefore found a better career.

The FBI would have been a great way to start the career path.  I could start thinking about buying a house and po…