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And so I realized...

In a city of Seattle, where there are Starbucks on practically every corner, while on a brisk evening walk back to my hotel after dinner, the realization hit me, " I fucked up". It relates to a lovely woman I met coming back from Atlanta, who made me miss a breath when she sat down on that plane back to San Diego. To say she was beautiful, intriguing and the ideal painting of what my ideal mate would be like, would be an understatement. I took a chance and figured I would put myself out there for this one, almost positive that she had a boyfriend or a fiance that would be waiting for her when she got off the plane.

I later found out that she did not and arranged a date with her later that week. I won't bore you with the details, but she ignited that spark and just being around her made me forget about time and just be in the moment. The conversations from that point on were inspiring, and extremely enjoyable to me. After each date I would look forward to planning th…

Not sure what to call it

So, in hindsight, maybe I didn't choose the right career. Maybe I wasn't pushed towards things that may have sparked my interest, or driven in a fashion that other kids were driven. Maybe today is another day in a series of many in which I can't separate from my head? Truth is , I have no idea.

We focus our time on self help books to help us find the answers. The Christians look to God, the Muslims look to Allah, the worldly people look to Eckhart, Deepak, or some other random guru of enlightenment. The honest truth is...its not that simple.

Most of us wake up in.a foul, somber or downright depressed mood because of the hand that life has dealt us. We have too much debt, can't pay our rent, car note is 2 months late, and we don't even know who we are. We walk around like zombies, under the innate desire to feast on human flesh or brain assuming that, "maybe that is all there is"

We try to break free from the life that has bound us, yet instead we are s…

Movie Review: Karate Kid 2010

Movie started off slow. At first I wasn't sure about Jaden Smith's character or his performance. It seemed a bit unrehearsed. After about 10 minutes, I began to believe his character. Not only did i begin to believe, but I bought in, hook line and sinker. Add to the mix, Jackie Chan, one of my all time favorite Kung Fu artists. This is also where the big distinction in the movie exists, the original was about karate, where as this movie dealt with kung fu.

The movie pulled me in emotionally on so many different levels. It also made me realize that I have only seen 1/10th or less of this great planet we live on. I think if you really watch this movie, not be overly critical, and be at the movie, you will get something out of it. It is definitely a darker setting, in my opinion, than the original karate kid. It also deals with more relevant topics such as acceptance, friendship and love.

If you have some time, check this one out. Again, it is a little harsher than t…

Movie Review: "Get Him To The Greek"

This was a very funny film. I am a big fan of Jonah Hill since his days with Adam Sandlers production company in "Grandma's Boy". He didn't really make his mark until SuperBad. There is just something very likable about this guy. He seems like the guy next door or the friend you had in High School. He makes fun at life and doesn't take things too seriously.

P-Diddy was funny in this movie, but I think he was cast outside the role of himself. I must admit that I am not a huge p-Diddy fan. Although he is an artist, he is not original. With that being said, he seemed like a crazy agent in this movie and compared to a Will Farrell on crack in this movie. Not bad but not great.

Russell Brand was good and this seemed like a logical "left off" point from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" He was funny, had some great one liners and was great comedy in this role. At some point and time in this film, you can relate to him in his current state in l…

Thought of the day for me

My life is a day in waiting. I wait around for things to happen and somehow, they don't seem to happen. I do all the things I am supposed to do, or feel i need to do. I get up, make my bed, clean my room, brush my teeth, feed the cats, clean my bathroom, shower, shave and get dressed. I look for work, not just any work, but meaningful work, something that will make me happy and allow me to grow. I don't want a job…something i just do, i want to make a difference and have people respect me and walk away feeling better.

Lately, I am stagnant. I don't feel like I am affecting anyone. My days start and end the same and I slowly feel myself dying inside. No sense of accomplishment, no love for what I do. I focus on what I want, however that isn't entirely possible when you can't visualize yourself doing anything. I dont' know if I should be working in technology, with people, or just as a cashier at a wal-mart. Nothing is clear, direction is unknown.

I don&…

And so it goes...

No doubt one of the greatest artists we will ever know. Its how I'm feeling right now...

In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along

I spoke to you in cautious tones
You answered me with no pretense
And still I feel I said too much
My silence is my self defense

And every time I've held a rose
It seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen
And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

So I would choose to be with you
As if the choice were mine to make
But you can make decisions too
And you can have this heart to break

And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

iPhone or HTC EVO-Who wins; You the consumer

Let me start off by saying, I am not here to review these two units, this is an observation. I have been reading lots of reviews about the EVO and the iPhone. It seems to me that the reviews that are coming in are either HTC biased or Apple biased. I can give you countless blogs to look up regarding the above mentioned information. As a matter of fact if you type it in to your trusty search engine, you will find the debate rages on as to which platform is better.

I am writing this blog because it seems that many reporters are becoming brand biased. I understand that…I own a mac and must say that I prefer the experience over windows. I also know people that love windows over mac. I don't feel there is a clear winner. Yes I may have points about my mac that i could sell to a non mac user, but in the end it boils down to their experience.

Things I think consumers should be wary of when looking at what I call biased comparisons.

Battery life comments
Screen size or size of the pho…

Stop trying, just be...

You can travel the world but you can't run away
from the person you are in your heart
you can be who you want to be
make us believe in you
keep all your light in the dark
if your searching for truth
you must look in the mirror
and make sense of what you can see

just be
just be

they say learning to love yourself
is the first step
that you take when you want to be real
and flying on planes to exotic locations
won't teach you how you really feel
face up to the fact that you are who you are
and nothing can change that belief

just be
just be

cause now i know it's not so far to where i go
the hardest part
is inside me
i need to just be

i was lost and i'm still lost but i feel so much better

Do you need a financial planner

This is becoming a theme with me. Apparently the math in my head is off. FML