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A Poets Conception of Love

I look into your eyes
and nothing else matters
everything around me
just crumbles and shatters

when i'm feeling lonely
or when i seem so blue
I look into your beauty
and your love pulls me through

My heart seems its in heaven
this feeling from above
nothing seems to compare to
this emotion they call love

i wonder if she knows
exactly how i feel?
sometimes it seems like fantasy
but i know this dream is real

All too often i can't express
the way i feel inside
i feel like running far away
so all my emotions will hide

i know that my whole life
has not been quite right
i'd ask to spend my whole world
with you, right here, tonight.

please don't ever leave me
i don't know what i would do
i made the mistake of building my whole life
completely around you.

My love

Love is something
that i feel
when i look into your eyes
who cares what tomorrow brings
if you are by my side

The warmth of your hands
the gentleness of your touch
makes me care and appreciate
the love you have given me

May a day not be spent
that i don't see your face
all my heart desires is to be close to you

In this passing hour
of this present day
i think of your beautiful face
and get courage enough to say
i love you! don't ever change...

Our World

You complain so damn much
I don't want to hear what you have to say...
All you do is talk about aids, death, and drugs
Don't you have anything nice to express...?????

Where is all the goodness in the world
the love, the compassion, the warmth...
Everywhere I look there is destruction and despair

Our World?!?
Aren't you glad you came!


from all around.

what are these voices, these sounds
where am I?
who are these people
its cold out here...
does anyone have a blanket to spare

im hungry
may i have something to eat
hold me, love me, care for me

I'm tired
its been a long day
and now i sleep....

the thought....

Let not the creativity of our minds

be bound by task or time,

but let our feelings be shown

in all that we do.

May our expressions and ideas

be the keys to our souls

where one doth fail

does another prevail?

Don't let the limits of this world

measure your success

but in your own enjoyment, may your happiness derive

and may you dwell there all the rest of your days