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Movie Review: Four Christmases

So tonight noah and i did our usual friday night guy date night and went to see "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughn, John Favreau, Tim McGraw, Dwight Yoakum and Reese Witherspoon to mention a few. This film was directed by Jon Favreau and he did a fantastic job of it.

The story is that this couple misses their flight to fiji and have to spend time with four members of the family, mom and dad on vince's side and mom and dad on Reese's side. I must say it was non stop laughter for me the entire film. Unlike some of my home town paper reviews, namely the San Diego Union Tribune, I would say this film was better than i expected. The UT bashed everything from Vince's height to Reese's "good girl" next door not being appealing enough. I have to differ drastically from that review. I have always said two things about a movie have to catch my attention. 1. I have to really like the characters 2. I have to feel a sense of connection with the chara…

and so it was written...

Thought it sounded cool. Kind of like a quote from an old technicolor Charlton Heston movie like "El Cid". Actually the reason i wrote it is because i see music in my future. Lots of it. I have always had a passion for singing, just never believed that I was good enough. After visiting a friend in San Fran this past week, she made a comment about my voice that made me start to think that maybe I do have something worth pursuing.

I started singing at a young age (thanks to my father). I was encouraged to sing and was introduced to many different musical genres. I found myself humming along to catchy tunes, or singing a walt disney tune in my head. Before long, the inside hum, became the outside melody. After a while my mom and dad put me in choir. I didn't understand my talent back then and thought it quite silly. Everyone in my family loved to hear me sing, but i again thought it was silly

Now, I sit on the eve of fortieth year and realize that i wasted time in d…

The king of confusion

the more i learn, the less i really know. A good friend of mine said that to me once. I didn't understand it when he told me. I thought about it for a long time and finally it clicked. It seems that these wise words are never more true then as they are now in my life. I seem to have forgotten how to have a relationship. The more i try, the less i avert...

I find myself falling in and out of love on a daily basis. I see a beautiful woman and i am consumed by "what ifs". A whole parade of fantasies comes into my head. I also wonder if i could really be with one woman for the rest of my life? Is there really a "perfect one"? Are we meant to be in relationships "forever"? Is there such a thing as true love, or is it something we are conditioned to at a young age?

People always tell me, "oh you will meet someone someday" or "when you meet that person you will know". I have to say, i thought i knew about a hundred times alrea…

The airline of the decade....

If you haven't flown them, what are you waiting for? They are in a class apart from any other airline I have ever flown. I had the opportunity this past week to fly them to San Francisco, the home base operations of Virgin Atlantic. Even though the flight was only 1 hour and 10 minutes long, the service and atmosphere is unparalleled.

While other carriers are scrambling to save costs, delete routes and kill tons of overhead, Virgin America is re-inventing the way we travel. From the minute you step on to the plane, you will notice a difference in the smiles of the crew members, the young fresh approach to explaining the safety features of the airbus 319 or 320 (that is the only aircraft they fly), and the innovative interactive, behind the seat touch screen display. With this interactive device you can watch movies, listen to the latest and greatest music, listen to live radio, chat with other hotties on the plane or purchase some really cool Virgin schwag.

The flight I was on …

historic day in history????

Okay so the big news is this.  Guy Ritchie and Madonna split.  Neither of them were at the courthouse in order to plea their case, because there was no case.  Guy did not want any of her money, he apparently has enough of his own.  The reason for the  She was too busy, as was he.  Just another casualty in the hollywood couple drama.

These coming weeks will be  the true test of our economy.  With the recession kicking everyones ass, money will not be given as freely as it has in christmas' past.  We will see what the outcome is directly after thanksgiving.

I on the other hand am contrary to the economy.  I am spending money in order to make it.  I decided today to take a random trip to san francisco and see friends and hang out.  No apparent reason, just decided to do it.  I really think what needs to happen is that people need to stop watching the news and spend money as they have always been doing.  The media does a great job of letting everyone know that we are…

Negative people...

So can I state for the record that sometimes why this job is hard is the company you have to keep. I respect everybody and their opinions, its just that sometimes its overwhelming. My cousin has the best quote for people of this persuasion called “emotional vampires”. I love that term because they seem to take positive people and fill them with negative energy.

The only way to avoid it is to distance yourself from them and keep your emotions and high’s in check. A perfect example of this is when you get on the road and your sitting in an office with the td that “hates vegas”. You know the one. Older, been around the block one too many times. Hates everyone, sees negativity in everyone. Doesn’t trust anyone. Feels everyone is a liar or bad. Never has a nice thing to say about anyone.

I am here to tell you when you get around these people, make your way to the nearest exit, run, do not walk. They can ruin your day in 1.2 seconds and love it when you conspire in their misery. …

the more questions i ask, the more questions i have...

although love may be great, it is oft detrimental to this lion

Chad Bordes

Seems like the more I learn the less i know. It seems that this is a recurring theme in my life and it is one i need to live by. Love is something this guys probably shouldn’t get involved in. It makes me to emotional and keeps me from being a great person. It is great to love people, just not one person. I have been in the situation a few times before where i have been in love and i know how detrimental it can be to me. My pie becomes all out of whack and I become someone I am not used to.

I wish i could have a better balance but for some reason love is a drug for me so it is best if i give worldly love and recieve it back from the universe. Erasmus terms it “Studeo” or the zealous pursuit of something. I think it can be harmful to my health. Love affects most people in a positive way, it affects me negatively. With the first feeling of emotion, i begin to feel doubtful and undeserving of love that som…

Sometimes on bad days i just go for a run

Sometimes on bad days, i go for a run and just the scenery can make everything okay.

Chad Bordes

So last night i got done with my meeting rooms at about 5:30. I took some really cool pictures of the sunset. I had a little issue with my foot and was kind of scared to run due to nerve damage but said what the hell. Thank god i did because it was one of the most magnificent nights in my history.

So as i started my run, the moon was out in full force and as i looked to my back, i had to stop for a moment and take it all in. There behind me was the most magnificent post sunset sky ever. I have never seen such reds, oranges and yellows fading into the blue. It really took my breath away. I was going to try and capture it with my iPhone, but unfortunately it wouldn’t have done the experience justice.

I started to run and the moon was kind and cast its light down on my as i got lost running the golf course path for over an hour. I love getting lost. I never get scared and often like to g…

quite possibly the coolest family in the world

The value of a good friend is more priceless than the worth of all the riches in the world

Chad Bordes

So I had the rare opportunity to hang out with a great friend John Melder and his wife Jane and Maddie. All I can say is that I am speechless. I left there with the biggest smile on my face. They live down in Scottsdale and i made the 15 minute trek down in my rented xTerra (which by the way is a very nice car, lots of power and comfortable to drive). Upon arriving at their door, i was greeted by two joyful dogs, a boxer and a boston terrier. Both of which were super sweet. John then greeted me with a hug as well as his wife Jane and daughter maddie extended a handshake.

I met John through a mutual friend John Gunter back in 2001 in vegas. I had just finalized my move to California after separating from my ex wife. I got a call from John Gunter saying that they were in vegas and that i should come out and hang with him since i hadn’t seen him since 1997 when i moved to Colorado.…